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We all know our doggies get to lounge around a lot more than us. In fact, dogs can sleep up to 20 hours a day. If you are wondering about investing in a good dog bed consider these compelling reasons.

1. Every dog deserves their own private, special space to offer them a sense of well-being and security. Dog beds provide these comforts as well as satisfying the mental aspects of providing a secure space for your animal.

2.  Dog beds are crucial for your dog’s health, offering cushioning to their bones and joints.Dogs that are arthritic, older, or overweight especially need this support. There are specially made senior dog beds and dog beds for arthritis to cater to the needs of these pets. You must be careful though as the majority of orthopedic dog beds do nothing for your dog. You need the dog bed to be real memory foam and tactile pressure mapped. Only real memory foam dog beds bonded to support foam offer orthopedic support!

3. Getting a bed for your dog protects his safety, keeping injuries at bay by preventing him from having to jump up and down from your furniture. The impact of getting up and down from human beds and furniture is extremely detrimental to long-term joint health.

4. A good dog bed will provide the insulation your pet needs from the oppressive summer heat or the chilliness of the winter. The insulation provides them with good health and comfort. A bed with temperature management will also discourage them from seeking out the cool tile floor that makes joint problems much worse.

5. Dog beds help to control the spread of dander and hair around your living space by ensuring that it is concentrated in one easy to clean area. When your pet has a bed to sleep on, this keeps her clean as well. As much as we try to keep our floors swept, mopped and vacuumed, the floors in our homes are not always as clean as we would like them to be.

BuddyRest engineers solutions that work to solve all of the problems above and more.

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Patty Frost
Patty Frost

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