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Labrador Retrievers are some of the most energetic dogs around, but when it’s time for sleep, they willsleep. Most Labradorsappreciate a good dog bed when it’s time for a nap, but there are so many different kinds of dog beds on the market.

Which is the best kind of bed for a Labrador, and what are some of the considerations when it comes to choosing the right bed for your pup?

What makes a great dog bed?

Many of the dog beds available today are high-quality products and ideal for a variety of dog breeds. However, it is your dog’s specific needs that dictate which bed will be the best for him.

In the case of most dogs, comfort is an important factor. One of the great things about dog beds is that a bed can provide a designated rest space for your furry friend, whether it’s for napping or a place to go to when feeling anxious or scared. 

Larger breed dogs will benefit from larger beds because many of them contain comfortable cushions and are big enough to support your dog while he rests. Bed type should also be determined by what kind of sleeper your dog might be: is he a “sprawler” and needs a flatbed with no siding or is he a “curler” who needs cushioned edges to feel cradled. Beds that are temperature controlled, i.e. contain gel-cooling materials, can help regulate your dog’s body heat.

Another factor to be considered for bed purchases is durability. Many of today’s dog bed fabrics are made from sturdy materials that are chew-resistant, especially with young mischievous puppies or anxious adults. 

The stitching and zippers for these beds are just as durable, and the beds with hidden zippers or Velcro in place of a zipper can prevent fur-snagging while sleeping. If your dog bed manufacturer offers a warranty for these kinds of problems, you can rest assured that you have a sturdy dog bed!

Some of the best dog beds have other properties such as tough, waterproof materials, and anti-bacterial fabrics. Dogs with anxiety who are prone to chewing on the furniture will need sturdy fabrics to cover their beds, and it is best if the cover can be removed for cleaning in your washing machine. 

Dogs who drool excessively or suffer from urinary incontinence should have waterproof bedding, and anti-bacterial fabrics can help dogs with allergies.

Things to consider when buying a Labrador dog bed

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The average Labrador may be prone to joint issues, whether it is hip and elbow dysplasia as a young dog or arthritis as a middle-aged to a senior dog. Dog beds can be specially made with orthopedic issues in mind. For instance, memory foam beds will avoid unnecessary pressure on your dog’s joints.

Since Labradors are athletic and very energetic, they are prone to overheating quickly. This is especially true during the summertime or in tropical climates. Beds with ventilation (e.g. hammock-style beds) or gel-cooled layers can prevent your pup from overheating.

Many Labradors are hyperactive and can be easily bored if they aren’t getting enough exercise. This mostly applies to younger Labs, but some middle-aged and senior Labs maintain their mischievousness well into their later years!

Bored or even anxious Labradors may be more likely to chew on their beds, so durability is extremely important.

The best dog beds for a Labrador

The average internet browser search often yields too many dog beds from which to choose. The following list of dog beds from BuddyRest meets all of the criteria mentioned above.

1. Comfort Deluxe Memory Foam

This is an example of a flatbed with no raised edges, so dogs who enjoy sleeping in a “sprawled” position will likely sleep comfortably on this one. The memory foam layers are optimal for dogs with arthritis and joint health issues, and the fabric cover is durable, washable, waterproof, and anti-bacterial which means that it won’t trap undesirable odors. The bottom of the bed has a special material to prevent it from slipping out from under your Lab.

2. Titan Fortress Ballistic Bolster Dog Bed

The Titan bed has a bolster around three of its four sides, making it perfect for the Labrador that likes to curl up when he sleeps. It is also waterproof and comprised of memory foam, and the cover is a Ballistic Nylon fabric that is highly resistant to chewing.

3. Affinity Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

Another memory foam bed, the Affinity Pillow Top bed is a flatbed that is water-resistant, sturdy, and will still keep your dog cool. The cover fabric is a special kind of suede that can repel odors and makes clean-up easy if your Labrador has any accidents.

4. Romeo Advanced Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed

This bolster-style bed has a special layer between the core and the memory foam layers, and this special layer helps dogs with mobility issues by making it easier to get in and out of the bed. Its suede cover is easy to clean and does not trap odors. It also has a non-slip bottom.

5. Divinity Bolster Memory Foam Dog Bed

The Divinity is another great example of a bolster-style bed that has a supportive bottom layer and a gel-cooled memory foam layer at the top. It can help keep your Labrador cool in the summertime but still maintain enough warmth for comfort during the winter months. It is waterproof and easy to clean.


Labradors greatly benefit from a resting place of their very own. When purchasing a dog bed, remember that most Labs will develop joint problems or arthritis as they age. They tend to feel a little warmer than other dogs (particularly after running and playing), and they may have a propensity to chew things if they are anxious or bored. 

Therefore, you should choose a bed that best accommodates your Labrador in these areas. Many of the beds created by BuddyRest can fit the needs of your furry best friend.  

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