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What are the differences in orthopedic dog beds?

With so many different dog beds out there to choose from, picking the right bed for Fido can be a long and tedious process. Because plenty of companies claim they sell the best orthopedic dog beds on the  market with no explanations or proof to back up these claims, it’s important to learn about the differences in orthopedic dog beds before you purchase a new bed for your four-legged pal.

A quick Google search will produce an overwhelming variety of companies with page after page of
orthopedic dog beds. Unfortunately these companies say their beds are orthopedic but the truth is most of them are not. High grade memory foam is the only material that completely alleviates all your dog’s pressure points and offers correct support.

Most pet beds on the today are made cheaply out of fiber fill, scrap foam, and egg crate corrugated foam.These materials ARE NOT ORTHOPEDIC and do notrelieve the pressure points or pain for your best buddy. Almost all these beds are made in China out of cheap materials with the objective of delivering the cheapest bed to market. This encourages most manufactures to make inferior quality beds that are not “orthopedic” and break down rapidly.

BuddyRest is the only company using tactile pressure mapping to ensure calibrated support.
Other companies claim to have great support. However, when you look at what is the proven science of pressure relief most companies fall short. For a bed to be truly orthopedic it needs to provide 100%
pressure relief and also provide the animal with a straight spinal alignment. A truly orthopedic dog bed redistributes the weight of the animal and disperses it evenly across the surface of the bed.
It has been proven for several years in the human mattress industry that in order to provide adequate pressure relief you have to use real visco-elastic memory foam. Memory foam alone does not work as
your animal will sink too far in and negate the pressure relief. To achieve the best pressure relief you
must have visco-elastic foam bonded to supporting foam. If you walk into a mattress store all memory
foam beds have this combination. No mattress store sells shredded memory foam beds or memory
foam beds without supporting foam. The reason is the science is just not there. All BuddyRest beds offer top quality memory foam bonded to supporting foam. To offer the best support in the world we use
pressure mapping technology so we ensure your animal has the best support system ever created.
Every other "orthopedic" dog bed is being deceptive or just guessing.

Another advantage of BuddyRest beds is that our beds are 100% made in the USA. Although we utilize
the latest technology available to improve the lives of animals, we use an old school quality first approach to manufacturing that is very uncommon these days. While most companies are making dog beds overseas for pennies on the dollar, we use skilled craftsmanship to craft true works of art here in the heartland of America. We have 4 stringent quality assurance checks before a product ever leaves our dock.

We believe in making only the best quality products that improve animal's lives and make life easier for pet parents. Our quality is a focus on not just creating a finished product that looks good but going farther with sophisticated internal engineering that you will appreciate for years to come. Because of our values and craftsmanship, we offer a ten-year full replacement warranty that does not simply cover the bed from flattening. It covers the bed against manufacturing defects and even if a zipper breaks. We were the first to bring this type of mentality to this industry and we proudly stand behind every product that carries our name.

Our Crypton covers work like a tarp even though they are a nice soft suede. Whatever you put on our
beds stays on the top. While other companies use cheap fabric on the outside and a "waterproof" liner to protect the inside, we believe in doing things better. Our dog beds are protected on the outside. High-quality memory foam is porous and needs to breathe; waterproof liners cut off airflow and inhibit the conforming properties that provide pressure relief as well as make the bed hot and uncomfortable. With our beds there is no need for cheap waterproof liners because our special fabric protects the bed from the outside. Even though our beds are waterproof they are still are vapor porous and allow airflow into promote better heat dissipation and maximum support. Watch this video below to learn the truth about waterproof dog beds.

Regular memory foam gets hot and retains heat. We solved this issue by releasing the first gel infused memory foam dog bed in 2012. This innovative technology ensures your pup will enjoy temperature regulated comfort in all climates year round. While other dog beds get hot and uncomfortable, dogs
gravitate to cooler tile floors that are terrible for joint health. Our beds provide climate regulation to
ensure your pet is always comfortable.

This chart will be helpful in understanding some of the basic differences between dog bed companies.


Though our technology is cutting edge, we build our products with an old school approach. With
meticulous attention to detail we handcraft every BuddyRest dog bed to ensure the result is a true work of art.

Our master craftsman work with the highest quality foam and fabric, and we use Kevlar thread to tie it all together. Our craftsmanship and innovative engineering allows us to create dog beds that are
built for the long haul that your pup is sure to love! 

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