August 28, 2020 1 min read

Wichita, KS

May 24th, 2020

BuddyRest has launched a revolutionary new feature on its website that allows you to view one of their dog beds in AR or (augmented reality). This allows you to see first hand how the dog bed looks next to the couch. More so you can walk up to the bed and examine it. The realistic 3D models of the bed were created by Scan Shop with technology from ScanBlue. Scan Shop took each dog bed and scanned them using a proprietary scanning machine that produced the high-quality digital replica.

By deploying this type of technology, merchants can help bridge the gap between shopping online and shopping instore. Actually, a step further as now the potential customer can see the item in their very own house. More important than ever during a national pandemic.

BuddyRest pairs this technology with it's award-winning beds and it's no hassle returns policies to ensure customers can make the right decision when shopping online.

BuddyRest continues to innovate not only in the products they make but in how they deliver them to the market. Go check out the View in My Space feature today.

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