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Leading Dog Bedding Innovator wins the Ultimate Global Accolade in Austria. 

On July 3, 2019, BuddyRest founders were presented with the “Brand of the Year” Award in the Throne Room of the historic Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria for recognition of excellence in the pet product industry. BuddyRest was the only brand recognized in the Dog Bed category as a Global Tier winner – the highest tier possible for best dog bed brand. 
In 2011, BuddyRest revolutionized the category by taking cutting edge sleep science from the mattress industry and infusing it into pet beds. This Wichita, Ks based company, through years of research and product development, has evolved into an international business with a multitude of different products. Offering best in class dog beds of all types, BuddyRest focuses on comfort and quality with modern, solution-based designs.

The World Branding Awards began in 2014 and added the Animalis Edition in 2017 to recognize “the world’s best animal brands for their work and achievements.” Judging and voting for the nominees includes a three-stream approach: Brand Valuation, Consumer Market Research, and Public Online Voting. 


Last year, eight hundred brands from over thirty countries received a nomination and only ninety-two brands were presented with the prestigious award. 

buddyrest execs with award

The awards are hosted by The World Branding Forum a global non-profit which “aims and activities are to advance the standards, skills, and education of the branding community for the good of the industry and consumers” Richard Rowles, Global Chairman of the World Branding Forum. 

President of  BuddyRest Trevor Crotts said “We are truly honored to receive this accolade. Our team has worked really hard over the years and it is amazing to receive global recognition as a leader in our space.”

BuddyRest joined other winners including KONG, Petsmart, Animal Planet,  Orijen, Pedigree, PetPlan, PURINA, and Royal Canin.


About the World Branding Awards 

The World Branding Awards is the premier awards of the World Branding Forum. The Awards recognizes the achievements of the best brands in the world. Winners are selected based on brand valuation, market research, and online public voting. For more information, visit awards.brandingforum.org. 


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