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BuddyRest launches latest in cutting edge Sleep technology with two new memory foam dog bed designs. We all know the importance of getting a good night’s sleep and selecting a bed, mattress and pillow combination that truly supports our neck, back, spine and muscles. Now, you aren’t the only one who can enjoy the health benefits of a memory foam mattress as BuddyRest launches two brand new,human quality memory foam orthopedic dog beds, each infused with the soothing powers of True Cool Gel to help your pet all year long.


 Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the luxurious Optimal Deluxe and Blissful Breeze memory foam beds have been designed specifically to support your animal as he sleeps and improve quality of life. Made from superior quality, real memory foam with support foam that moulds itself to the contours of your dog, both the Optimal Deluxe and Blissful Breeze relieve pressure points and help to eliminate arthritic pain, improving joint health and mobility however young or old your pet may be.




The Optimal Deluxe and Blissful Breeze beds are unique in that the memory foam is blended with True Cool® Gel. The gel is at the very pinnacle of sleep science breakthroughs and offers a sophisticated heat management system that keeps your pet at his most comfortable temperature in both the hot summer months and cooler winter periods. This innovative gel foam makes the new Optimal Deluxe and Blissful Breeze beds suitable for use in any climate, meaning you dog remains comfortable no matter the season or the location.


Made in the USA, the elegant Optimal Deluxe gel memory foam dog bed by BuddyRest is veterinarian recommended and is available in a choice of medium, large and extra large sizes as well as glacial gray, arctic blue and iced mocha colors.


The BuddyRest  Blissful Breeze gel memory foam orthopedic  dog  bed couples the real memory foam inner common to all BuddyRest sleep solutions with exterior piping and quilting to give incredible designer style. It is also available in medium, large and extra large sizes as well as glacial gray, arctic blue and iced mocha coloring.


Both the Blissful Breeze and Optimal Deluxe memory foam pet beds with True Cool Gel combine supreme comfort and unparalleled quality with real performance. They are covered with Crypton stay clean fabric, which prevents harmful bacteria growth, will not smell and is waterproof – perfect for dealing with big muddy paws and still providing a comfortable clean bed at the end of the day. No matter how boisterous your pet and how much time he spends reclining on his sumptuous memory foam bed, it is guaranteed not to flatten and is backed by a ten year warranty. Even if your furry friend puts his new bed to the test, military grade Kevlar thread means it’s extremely chew resistant.


Jordan Tibbetts, Operations Manager said, “The True Cool® Gel that is built into our two new orthopedic dog bed designs is truly a sleep breakthrough for pets. Its clever formula will help to keep your dog cooler in the summer months. In the colder seasons it will also help your animal to regulate body temperate and maintain optimal body heat levels for improved physical comfort. Both beds will keep your dog comfortable in any climate and thanks to careful material selection including the use of real memory foam and Kevlar stitching, promise to provide years of enjoyment. Just like humans, it is critical to provide the best comfort and support to help reduce joint issues as dogs age. We are so pleased with the Blissful Breeze and Optimal Deluxe beds because they help us to help our pets.”


According to the APPA, an estimated one in five dogs suffer from arthritis. Nine out of ten will develop arthritis related problems or suffer from joint issues at some point in their lifetime. All BuddyRest orthopedic dog beds are designed to alleviate pressure points and relieve pressure put on joints during sleep. By using the same quality of materials found in human memory foam mattress, a BuddyRest memory foam dog bed will support the animal’s weight and promote healthier joints and muscles.


It promotes straight spinal alignment and is guaranteed not to flatten out or leave body imprints so it will provide soft pain and pressure relief throughout your animal’s lifetime.   

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