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Sometimes I imagine my dogs as forever young but the inevitable truth is that they are getting older every day. If your dog is getting into their senior years it can be hard to deal with on certain days. In this blog, I'm going to cover how to make an old dog comfortable when this can be a hard thing to do.

1. Make sure your dog is getting plenty of exercises

Grate Dane On The Side Of A Cliff

As dogs age, it can be a task to get them moving even an inch. This can cause their joints to stiffen making it a painful experience to move. If you exercise your older dog it will keep their joints loose and ready to go while also keeping their weight down which can be an important thing to do in this older period of their life.   

2. Make home life easier

Old Dog Laying on a BuddyRest bed out on the deck

Sometimes older dogs have problems getting around the home they've grown up in once they hit these golden ages. If your house has lots of stairs or you notice they can't get around as easily as before make sure to have all their necessities in a comfortable reachable distance. Along with this, if it is hard for them to get outside for a potty break you may notice increased accidents. Make sure to find the time and an easy path to get your dog out regularly or you will need a lot of our pet mess cleaner.

3. Groom your dog

Two huskies laying on BuddyRest Beds next to the windows

Now that they aren't as young and flexible as they once were they can't clean themselves or get that itchy spot on their butt. If you make sure your dog is properly groomed and kept clean this will make their life and your life more comfortable. Plus as dogs get older their coat and skin can become harder to upkeep so frequent groomings may become important. This can also be a great spot to feel for any lumps and bumps that come with old age.

4. Prepare for weather

White Lab out in the snow with a fur winter cap on

Older dogs can be way more susceptible to colder and warmer weather that can cause problems and discomfort for them. Make sure to keep your dog warmer through sweaters or blankets in the winter for maximum comfort and protection. When it is hot keep Fido hydrated and cool as heat can be scary for any owner of an older dog.   

5. Get the proper diet

Chocolate Lab laying on the carpet

In their senior year's dogs can sometimes miss out on nutrients they once were fine on. It is important to get your vet involved to make sure your dog is getting the proper diet for what they need. Before any serious change in a dogs diet, it is important to get your vet's input to make sure it is the healthiest course of action. Sometimes a supplement can be the answer as well, things like coconut oil and salmon oil can be incredibly beneficial and maybe how to make an old dog comfortable.

6. The right dog bed

Grate Dane Laying on a BuddyRest dog bed next to a window

When dogs get old certain tasks that were easy have now become a huge challenge, one of these is getting in and out of bed. One thing you want to make sure your dog has is a true orthopedic dog bed. These beds have great benefits to a dog's joint health and even assist them out of bed with a springy top layer. A nice dog bed will also allow your dog a place of comfort that doesn't require jumping up or onto any surface. Many beds claim to be orthopedic but are not so make sure you are buying quality to make an old dog comfortable.


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BuddyRest was founded on the idea of supporting older dogs and based our first products on helping joint pains in dogs. We know dog sleep science and hope this blog helped you out.