BuddyRest Smart Suede Luxury Dog Stairs

Dogs jumping up and down from mattresses and furniture is extremely detrimental to canine joints. The long-term effects of these impacts leave your pet riddled with osteoarthritis and other joint problems.  That is why we have introduced these cutting edge Smart Dog Stairs that use a Certipur foam paired with our Crypton Smart suede fabric. This silver ion technology ensures the stairs not only stay clean but also never smell.

  • Lightweight, portable, can be utilized by all ages and breeds
  • Also great for small and medium sized pets with joint problems, aging issues, hip dysplasia arthritis and handicaps
  • Crypton fabric ensures the steps never smell and stay clean
  • low impact foam 
  • Helps to prevent back, neck, joint issues caused in pets caused by impacts

Utilizing high tech Crypton® performance fabrics, it stays clean, doesn't smell and rarely needs washed. No longer will you have to constantly wash smelly dog beds covers!

  • Doesn't smell over time
  • Doesn't break down or get dips
  • Chew resistant
  • Prevents bacteria growth
  • Repels hair, stains and odors
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Keeps pet at optimal temperature

Made in the USA