Affinity Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

Fathom Gray

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Made in the USA



The brand new Affinity memory foam dog bed is our most modern and innovative design to date.  This bed features elegant and modern design cues. The quilted fabric creates an optical illusion of wavy texture even though the top is actually flat. We are sure your dog will have an affinity for the comfort, while accenting the decor of any room.


Made in the USA of high quality True Cool® visco memory foam to keep your dog in optimum comfort all year round. Made in the USA by master craftsmen, this bed is built to provide the best comfort and support for years. Utilizing high tech Crypton® performance fabrics, it stays clean, doesn't smell and rarely needs washed. No longer will you have to constantly wash smelly dog beds covers! This luxury gel pet bed provides blissful comfort and orthopedic support to improve joint health, while providing maximum durability.