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buddyAt BuddyRest, we are "dog people" at heart. That is why we work hard to bring consumers the best quality, innovative pet products that truly help animals. Our products make life easier for people and improve the quality of life for our furry friends. BuddyRest is leading a revolution in the pet industry by providing very durable, American made products that not only last the lifetime of your animal, but more importantly improve health and relieve pain. We use real science in our processes. All of our beds are tactile pressure mapped to ensure the best support is always provided.

Our company is based in Wichita, Kansas where old-fashioned values like hard work and high-quality craftsmanship still live strong. Our products are proudly 100% made in the USA!  I founded this company with some friends in the human mattress industry. Knowing that large dogs lives are shortened due to joint problems I wanted to do something proactive for my best friend Buddy the Labradoodle.

We noticed that even though sleep science for humans had progressed rapidly, the pet industry was saturated with cheaply made dog beds that had not changed in years. Being a part of the mattress industry gave us first-hand education on pressure relieving materials and different types of support. Simply put, we knew what worked and what was just marketing.  We knew that companies selling "orthopedic" dog beds really were taking advantage of people by offering dog beds with big claims and no science behind them. There was nothing on the market that offered the quality, comfort and support that our animals deserved.  

We endeavored to create the best dog beds in every way using the same proven sleep science that helps humans with arthritis and joint problems. With the input of some great Veterinarians, we created the most advanced, highest quality orthopedic pet beds ever. Our orthopedic beds stay clean, never smell and most importantly are vet recommended to promote joint health. More than just a bed made to be comfortable, our beds are designed to improve animal's lives. We are the only company with a true science-based approach to deliver effective pressure relieving orthopedic dog beds, calibrated to really work. 

We put a lot of passion into our products. We truly appreciate your interest in our unique dog products and we invite you to give them a try.


Best Regards,

Trevor Crotts - President/Founder


Along the way on our journey, we have been fortunate to be recognized with multiple prestigious awards.

worlds best

2012 Pet Business Industry Recognition Award Best Dog Beds
2013 Pet Elite Editor's Choice 
2014 Family Choice Award 
2014 Pet Insight Vanguard Award Best Dog Bed 
2014 Pet Business Industry Recognition Award Best Dog Beds
2015 Pet Elite Editor's Choice
2015 Pet Business Editor's Choice Award
2016 Modern Dog Editor's Choice Award
2016 Pet Product News International Editor's Choice
2016 Modern Dog Best Dog Bed Award
2016 Pet PR Best Products Award


What we find most satisfying is the feedback we hear from our customers about how our products have helped their animals. 

This motivates us to continue to strive to be the best company and people we can be. It propels us to continue to innovate and improve the best quality memory foam orthopedic dog beds in the industry.





 To improve the lives of animals with innovation and integrity.



Our award-winning orthopedic dog beds provide unrivaled comfort and support. Made by dedicated masters of their craft, each BuddyRest bed is handmade with precision from start to finish. This process ensures you will receive a true work of art. We are a business that takes pride in creating the highest quality products for animals and people.

1. We endeavor to produce the greatest quality pet products that truly help animals.
2. We will not always win on price, but we will always win on value.
3. The way we operate our business is as innovative as our products.



We never stop innovating. By staying on the cutting edge of foam and fabric technology, we bring sleep science to pets! We were the first company to bring memory foam orthopedic beds utilizing the power of Crypton fabric. We also were the first to bring gel infused foam to the market in 2012. Over the years there have been many attempts to imitate our beds.  No matter how hard they try, our relentless innovation and American engineering always keeps us two steps ahead of the imitators. Accept no imitations. Others may be able to create a similar looking product, but they can not duplicate our quality or match our innovation. 

We continue to innovate today with the release of the Dormeo Octaspring dog beds by BuddyRest. These new beds utilize amazing memory coil technology that provides superior breathability and actually helps ailing senior pets in and out of bed.




The Grey Muzzle Organization improves the lives of at-risk senior dogs by providing funding and resources to animal shelters, rescue organizations, sanctuaries and other nonprofit groups nationwide.


Mission K9 Rescue is a non profit organization dedicated to the service of retiring and retired Military Working Dogs and Contract Working Dogs.












Dogs on Deployment promotes responsible, life-long pet ownership by military pet owners by advocating for military pet owner rights, providing educational resources and granting financial assistance for military pet owners during times of emergency.














Big Dogs Huge Paws was founded on the core philosophy is that every "BIG" dog deserves a chance. Our goal is to make sure that every dog receives only the best of care, food, and training. We will also ensure that they are properly evaluated (medically and behaviorally) and placed according to their special needs




GABR is a non-profit organization that's been active since 1999. GABR focuses on the rescue and placement of boxer dogs in the United States.



Located in the green rolling hills of Northeast Georgia, The Bullpen provides assistance and sanctuary for giant breed dogs and other vulnerable companion animals.  










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