Smart Suede Hammock Protector


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The BuddyRest Hammock Seat protector is designed to look elegant, feel comfortable and work like a heavy duty tarp! Utilizing Crypton fabric this protector is machine washable but rarely needs laundered. Infused with Kevlar thread, these protectors are as durable as they are beautiful. Featuring a unique ornate quilted bone top, this protector is the perfect combination of style, quality and function.


Utilizing high tech Crypton® suede performance fabric, it stays clean, repels odors and rarely needs washed. This seat protectore is handmade in the USA and comes with a ten year warranty!




● Rarely Needs Washed


● Anti Microbial


● Kevlar Smart Thread


● Made in the USA


● Double Stitched


● Machine Washable


● Easy to Install in seconds


● Non Skid bottom


● Captures dirt


● Latch Compatible


● Lifetime Warranty


● Velcro Seat Belt Openings


● Fits Most Vehicles