Smart Suede Hammock Protector *Clearance

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The BuddyRest Hammock Seat protector is designed to look elegant, feel comfortable and work like a heavy duty tarp! Utilizing Crypton fabric this protector is machine washable but rarely needs to be laundered. Infused with Kevlar thread, these protectors are as durable as they are beautiful. Featuring a unique ornate quilted bone top, this protector is the perfect combination of style, quality and function.


Utilizing high tech Crypton® suede performance fabric, it stays clean, repels odors and rarely needs to be washed. This seat protector is handmade in the USA.




● Rarely Needs To be Washed


● Anti Microbial


● Kevlar Smart Thread


● Made in the USA


● Double Stitched


● Machine Washable


● Easy to Install in seconds


● Non-Skid bottom


● Captures dirt


● Latch Compatible


● Lifetime Warranty


● Velcro Seat Belt Openings


● Fits Most Vehicles