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Performance with Purpose

Our beds stay clean, never smell and rarely need washed


Stays Clean

Because our covers use advanced anti-bacterial technology they stay clean and never smell.


Water Proof

Our one-of-a-kind intelligent fabric solution feels nice and soft but works like a tarp.


Temp Regulated

Other memory foam beds get hot! Our beds use innovative technology to ensure comfort.



Our cover resists bacteria and mold growth while preventing allergens and canine skin diseases.

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Buddy Rest is the best!! They made me a custom sized bed for my 17 year old arthritic and overweight (due to a low thyroid) cat Lucy. She loves it!! And its so easy to wash and hang dry - it dries very quickly. I can see that it offers her tremendous relief on her joints. Thank you, Buddy Rest!! Kate M.
Placed on December 20, 2015
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My main reason for buying this bed was avoiding the smell from the previous beds, it didn't matter how often I washed them.. the smell always came back. I have used the buddyrest bed for months and so far it doesn't smell at all. It is like no dog is sleeping on it. My dog loves it, and also it was really easy to put together when it arrived. Well worth the money. Claudia Ambrose
Placed on September 20, 2015
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Thank you BuddyRest! We purchased four of these beds for our two dogs six months ago and, so far, they have been fantastic. Not only are our dogs more comfortable, but they are now able to sleep properly with their spines aligned. Chris Henning
Placed on June 2, 2015
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I have three Great Danes, and they are much more comfortable since we invested in BuddyRest orthopedic beds for them. Their ability to get moving, especially first thing in the morning, has increased dramatically! Dr. Kelly Deewall, DVM
Placed on February 1, 2015






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