Sleep Science

Research & Development

Sleep ScienceAt BuddyRest we use real science in order to offer our unrivaled world class support systems. We utilize state of the art pressure mapping systems to ensure that our beds provide the most effective pressure redistribution. We consult with world class Veterinarians in order to constantly improve our technology and stay on the cutting edge of sleep science.

 Proven Scientific Data

Bed Comparison GraphicAll of our beds are truly orthopedic and relieve arthritic pain in addition to promoting joint health in all dogs of all ages. While other companies claim to offer an orthopedic dog beds, in reality they are being very deceptive or at best they are simply guessing. We take dog health very seriously and that is why we take the extra steps to ensure our products are the best orthopedic dog beds ever created. Simply put we are the only company that creates real orthopedic dog beds utilizing real science. Read Our Veterinarian Testimonials.

Material Science Focus

High Quality Memory FoamOur world-class dog beds use high-quality memory foam (the same found in high end human mattresses) bonded to supporting foam. High-density support foam allows the dog to sink into a certain point and no further. Beds that do not have supporting foam bonded underneath visco quality memory foam do not relieve pressure and are actually detrimental to the long-term health of your animal. On all other dog beds, your furry friend’s weight is supported on their joints, even while laying down.

Therapeutic Results

Elastic Memory FoamOur memory foam dog beds use real visco elastic memory foam to conform to your animal’s body and redistribute their weight evenly across the bed. Our memory foam dog beds provide a pain free haven for dogs with canine arthritis (Osteoarthritis), hip dysplasia and other joint problems. Our beds are also widely used by Veterinarians for post-op surgery recovery and can be very beneficial for dogs recovering from injuries such as ACL tears. Our dog beds also remove pressure from the body which allows nutrient-rich blood flow back to areas which promotes quick healing and faster recovery.

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