Best Dog Beds in The World!

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In 2012, we reinvented the dog bed. We used cutting edge technology and real science to ensure your dog had the best comfort and support on the planet. We make the best memory foam dog beds. These real orthopedic dog beds have made thousands of happy customers later, we continue to offer the toughtest, most durable and supportibe memory foam dog beds on the planet.
100/100 Satisfaction Guaranteed 100 Days / 100% Money Back

100 Days / 100% Money Back.
If your dog doesn't love it, return the bed within 100 days for a full refund.

What Makes These The Best Dog Beds?

Here at BuddyRest, we go the extra mile to make the best dog beds on the market. We conduct extensive research - using tactile pressure mapping and pioneering science to ensure our beds are pressure relieving and truly orthopedic. We source the highest quality materials - our memory foam is the same material used in high-end human mattresses. We embrace innovation - utilizing high-tech materials in our construction. Our support is world-class and unmatched, and our products are manufactured with precision right here in the USA.

Does Made In The USA Really Matter?

In a word, YES! It's part of the BuddyRest philosophy that all of our products are made right here in the USA. Why? Because making them here means we can guarantee their quality. BuddyRest products undergo 4 separate quality assurance checks before shipping. When you choose BuddyRest you're choosing a truly great bed with unmatched support, durability, safety, and functionality. From our fabric to our foam, everything is made in the heartland of the USA. BuddyRest dog beds are not the cheapest on the market, but they are the best. They're made to improve your dog’s quality of life and hold up over time. That's why a BuddyRest dog bed will be the last bed you'll ever need to buy.

How Do I Pick The Best Dog Bed?

There are a few things to consider when picking the best bed for your dog. First is to consider what sleeping style they typically have: sprawled, curled, leaned, or a combination of those. If your dog generally sleeps sprawled, the best bed will be a flat bed without bolsters, so your dog can fully lay out how they want to. If your dog likes to lean or curl, then a bolstered bed would be the best option. If your dog has a tendency to chew their beds, one of the tough beds would be the best choice to resist that chewing making the bed last longer.

How Do I Choose The Right Dog Bed Size?

All of our dog beds feature size charts as well as dimensions. In addition, clicking a size chart will allow you to input your dog's breed for an estimated recommendation for what size dog bed to get. In general for flat beds, a dog under 50 pounds would be best suited for a Medium bed. A dog 50-75 pounds would be best suited for a Large bed. Dogs 75 pounds and over would need an X-Large or SuperXL bed. For our bolstered beds, we recommend getting a bed that is one size up from the size of bed you would normally purchase, as the bolsters take up extra space. For a personalized recommendation of bed choice and size, you can use our Perfect Dog Bed Selector Tool, or give our Doggy Dream Team Experts a call at 1-888-675-3994 to help you find the right bed.