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We invite you to compare us to any other product on the market. Do the research and it will lead you to us. We are the innovators of the industry. While most other companies produce "me too" products, we focus on making the best dog beds in the world.

BuddyRest Competitor Comparison Chart




Many companies claim to have great support. However, when you look at what is the proven science of pressure relief most companies fall short. What is a truly orthopedic dog bed? For a bed to be truly orthopedic it needs to provide 100% pressure relief and also provide the animal with a straight spinal alignment. A truly orthopedic dog bed redistributes the weight of the animal and disperses it evenly across the surface of the bed. It has been proven for several years in the human mattress industry that in order to provide adequate pressure relief you have to use real visco-elastic memory foam. Memory foam alone does not work as your animal will sink too far in and negate the pressure relief. To achieve the best pressure relief you must have visco-elastic foam bonded to supporting foam. If you walk into a mattress store all memory foam beds have this combination. No mattress store sells shredded memory foam beds or memory foam beds without supporting foam. The reason being the science is just not there. All BuddyRest beds offer top quality memory foam bonded to supporting foam. To offer the best support in the world we use pressure mapping technology so we ensure your animal has the best support system ever created. Everyone else is either faking or just guessing.

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Our beds are 100% made in the USA. Although we utilize the latest technology available to improve the lives of animals, we use an old school quality first approach to manufacturing that is very uncommon these days. While most companies are making dog beds overseas for pennies on the dollar, we use skilled craftsmanship to craft true works of art here in the heartland of America. We have 4 stringent quality assurance checks before a product ever leaves our dock. We believe in making only the best quality products that improve animal's lives and make life easier for pet parents. Our quality is a focus on not just creating a finished product that looks good but going farther with sophisticated internal engineering that you will appreciate for years to come. Because of our values and craftsmanship, we offer a ten-year full replacement warranty. It does not simply cover the bed from flattening. It covers the bed against manufacturing defects and even if a zipper breaks. We were the first to bring this type of mentality to this industry and we proudly stand behind every product that carries our name.


While other companies focus on marketing their products, we focus on making the best dog beds in every single category. We have worked hard to incorporate using relentless innovation to create many features that many didn't even realize is possible in dog beds.


Our Smart Suede™ covers are a high-tech poly-suede high performance fabric that work like a tarp even though they are a nice soft suede. Whatever you put on our beds stays on the top. This high quality fabric on the cover means that there is a high water-resistance quality to our beds. For complete waterproof protection, we recommend our DogArmor Waterproof liner, that simply goes over the internal foam like a pillow case and ensures that no matter how wet the dog bed gets, the foam will stay dry. High-quality memory foam is porous and needs to breathe, most Waterproof liners cut off airflow and inhibit the conforming properties that provide pressure relief as well as makes the bed hot and uncomfortable, our waterproof liner is completely breathable and allows airflow, providing our dog beds with the special temperature regulation that we are so enthusiastic about. Even though our liners are waterproof and the covers are water-resistant, they are both still vapor porous and allow airflow in to promote better heat dissipation and maximum support.

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Because our covers use advanced anti-bacterial technology they stay clean and never smell. Not just great for incontinent dogs, all dogs secrete oil off of their coat which gets into the fabric where they lay. This is the main cause for smelly dog beds. Our beds can be wiped clean and can be machine washed. You can say goodbye to doggy odors in your home and wash our covers once a year.


Our high-tech poly-suede high performance covers have a certified safe molecular chemistry that is designed to prevent bacteria and mold growth. This advanced technology helps keep your doggy safe by preventing allergens and harmful canine skin diseases.


We use Titan™ Thread to sew all of our memory foam dog beds. This special thread is 5x stronger than regular nylon thread used in other dog beds.


Using super strong Titan™ Thread and Titan™ Ballistic Nylon ensures they are incredibly chew resistant and engineered with hidden protected zippers makes our dog beds as chew proof as possible and almost impossible for your dog to destroy.


Regular memory foam gets hot and retains heat. We solved this issue, releasing the first gel infused memory foam dog bed in 2012. This innovative technology ensures your pup will enjoy temperature regulated comfort in all climates year round. While other dog beds get hot and uncomfortable, dogs gravitate to cooler tile floors that are terrible for joint health. Our beds provide climate regulation to ensure your pet is always comfortable.