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Best in class dog beds that soothe joints, alleviate anxiety, and promote better health

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orthopedic beds For dogs young and old

Our orthopedic beds are proven to promote joint health in younger dogs, and provide relief to older dogs with painful joint issues and arthritis. These beds feature our BuddyRest Advanced Orthopedic Hybrid Support System™, which is a revolutionary dog bed technology designed to help dogs young and old.

Our beds feature our BuddyRest Smart Suede™, a high tech poly-suede performance fabric that stays clean, repels odors, and rarely need to be washed.

The #1 Veterinarian Recommended Orthopedic Dog Bed!

"I have three Great Danes, and they are much more comfortable since we invested in BuddyRest orthopedic beds for them.  Their ability to get moving has increased dramatically!"

Dr. Kelly Deewall, DVM

"Buddy Rest beds are an important tool to increase the comfort level for my patients."

Dr. Michael R. Johnson, DVM

"The pets are so much more comfortable after surgery. They clean up very well and do resist fluid absorption. Thanks for the great product"

Dr. John Van Zandt, DVM

tough beds for chewing dogs

Our Titan Tough beds feature our Titan™ Ballsitic Nylon and are sewn with Titan™ Thread, providing 5x the seam strength of traditional seams. Our Tough beds also feature our Never Slip™ Bottom, ensuring that your dog can enter and exit the bed with ease.

Our Titan products come with a 30 Day Titan Tough Guarantee. This protects your investment in case the cover gets damaged. If your dog damages the bed, we will provide a one-time replacement. Please note there is a $20 shipping and handling fee to cover the cost of shipping the replacement bed.

Please note that nothing is indestructible and these be beds do not claim to be! The root cause of most chewing is separation anxiety. This needs to be addressed in conjunction with a Tough Buddy Titan bed in order to reduce destructive behavior.

plush beds For all dogs

Our AdaptaLoft™ Cloud Support plush filled beds provide unparalleled cushion and comfort, providing a comfortable spot to sleep for even the most picky of dogs. Many of our bolstered Orthopedic beds feature these Plush bolsters providing a comfortable place to rest their head.

Our Plush beds feature our Never Slip™ Bottom, ensuring that your dog can enter and exit the bed with ease. We utilize our Titan™ Thread to ensure years of durability and comfort for your dog.


Stay Clean Technology

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Say goodbye to stubborn stains, sticky messes, and doggy odors in the home. Our beds use Smart Suede™ fabric that stays clean longer.

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Our beds feature a water-resistant outer cover. Most messy spills stay on the surface. We offer our waterproof Dog Armor™ liner for complete protection of your bed's foam.

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Regular memory foam can heat up quickly! Our innovative Truecool™ technology ensures year-round temperature regulated comfort in all seasons and climates.

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Most of our beds feature Smart Suede™ that resists bacteria and mold growth keeping your dog safe by preventing allergens and harmful canine skin diseases.

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