Help Selecting a Bed

Our dogs are all unique. They each have their own personalities and preferences. This guide is simply to help provide a recommendation based on the habits of your special doggy. For help selecting the right size, there is a size chart if you scroll down on each product page.


If your dog suffers from incontinence or a leaky bladder, don't forget a Dog Armor liner to make your bed completely waterproof!

Dog Armor Waterproof Liner

If you need a personal recommendation, we would love to help! Call one of our Doggy Dream Team Experts at 1-866-675-3994

Sprawler Icon

SPRAWLERS- Tend to like to stretch out in all directions. These doggies prefer to have lots of room and like to use the entire surface of the bed. They can find themselves in the most humorous of sleeping positions. Some dogs afflicted with joint issues, find it more comforting to stretch out.

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CURLERS- Prefer to curl up to go to sleep. They prefer the comfort of curling as it is a remnant of the pack mentality. Dogs used to curl while sleeping outside to provide warmth, conserve body heat and protect vital organs from predators. These dogs can use any of our beds as they utilize less space.

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LEANERS- Leaners prefer to have their heads leaning against something. Our bolster beds are perfect for them as the bolster provides support for them to lean against, as well as caters to natural nesting instincts. They tend to enjoy the security of a bolster around the body.

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CHEWERS- These naughty dogs find themselves chewing on random objects. Most chewing comes from either separation anxiety, or from just pure boredom. We designed our Titan beds to be the toughest most chew resistant dog beds on the market. We suggest following our initial expectation sheet included with the Titan beds. Often a combination of treating the root cause (separation anxiety) combined with our super tough beds is the best course of action.