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As people, we like a good comfortable place to rest, so much that we make sure to have comfy dining chairs, couches, and of course beds. What about our furry pals though? Sitting on our favorite couches becomes so second nature that really we forget to consider giving our pets that same kind of homey-comfort. 

You most likely won’t hear them complaining about having to lay on the floor because they are most likely too thrilled about being in your presence to notice either, however, as time goes on you may start to notice them struggle to get up from that hard floor. This is when giving them a great, durable, and comfy bed of their own comes in handy!

BuddyRest is known for having amazing beds due to their high-quality and durable material. A BuddyRest dog bed is easy to clean, water-proof, temp neutral, and anti-bacterial, all important features when picking out a great bed for your dog. 

How BuddyRest Features Benefit You 


  • Easy To Clean: Most beds come with a zipper that allows for an easy toss in the wash. Besides that easy access, the material that BuddyRest uses is anti-bacterial, meaning that your washes will be few and far between that allow them to stay cleaner longer.
  • Water-proof: As pet owners, we know that accidents happen. Whether it is a dog bladder that couldn’t hold on any longer or a spilled over the water bowl, BuddyRest dog beds are made with a water-proof material that repels water from being absorbed in the fabric. If you want even more protection, you have the option to buy a water-proof dog liner to seal the foam that is set underneath the bed cover.
  • Temp-neutral: Memory foam can absorb the body heat from your dog causing your dog to get warm as well. With the innovative technology that BuddyRest uses, the fabric stays at a neutral temperature so that your dog stays cool.
  • Anti-bacterial: Due to the smart choice in fabrics that these beds are made with, bacteria and mold are denied when trying to settle between the seams. Which aids with the prevention of allergies or skin diseases.


Why Choose BuddyRest

1. Health / Science

  • As dog owners, we care about our dog’s health. A BuddyRest bed helps with the prevention of the natural signs of aging, injured dogs, dogs with allergies, and so on.
  • With the beds that are offered you can choose from beds that have memory foam or if your dog needs a little more support than an orthopedic dog bed maybe that right bed for fido. These beds give the right amount of support for your dog’s spine and other joints. These are ways that a BuddyRest bed will cater to your pet’s health.

2. Buddy Deserves A Nice Place of His Own

  • Dog’s are den animals. Meaning that they do typically like to have a place that they can claim as their own. If you use a dog crate then having a pet bed in there could make for all the more comfort in one of their familiar places. If you do not or no longer use a kennel then placing a bed in any place in that house that you and your pup spend the most time will satisfy the same way.

3. Best Price / 100 Day Guarantee

  • Purchasing a bed from BuddyRest gives the best price with its 100-day guarantee. This promise ensures that you and your dog are able to give a fair and honest chance to the new bed with no rush.

4. Durability

  • Some pups have overactive mouths and find chewing on their beds comforting. Beds at BuddyRest offer chew-resistant material to help keep the destruction to a minimum or none at all. The Tough Dog Bed line offers materials that include titan ballistic fabric and Kevlar thread to keep the stuffing in the bed and the seams intact.

5. Made In The USA

  • BuddyRest beds are American made products, therefore, if you have a ‘buy American’ mentality then this company will be a company that you can trust!

title photo showing four pictures of dogs of different breeds laying on a buddyrest dog bed. Four reviews from customers showing how satisfied they are with their products.

If you have been looking for a bed for your pup, BuddyRest is the one-stop-shop. They care about you and they care about your dog. You can tell by the care and thought that they put into their products.


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