May 31, 2017 2 min read

A Little History –Past and Present

“Dogs spent thousands of years in the wild sleeping on the ground, therefore, a bed for your dog to sleep on is not a necessity, right? Dogs will be perfectly happy sleeping wherever they choose to lay down.”This argument is unequivocally not true. Of course, dog beds are a necessity! Especially for young dogs that are still developing.


 Even in the wild, dogs slept on brushed grass and soft dirt, not a hardwood floor that is found in modern houses. Professionals like veterinarians and breeders consider dog beds to be a basic necessity for the safety and comfort of your companion, just like leashes, collars, and food and water dishes are. Sadly, some people feel as if dog beds are optional, but the fact of the matter is that they are a necessary means to offer the best care for a pet dog, no matter how old she is, what breed she is or how big or small she might be. Providing an orthopedic dog bed early on in life can prevent a lot of issues as they get older. It is the best proactive measure to protect dog joints.

The best dog bed for your pet will provide a feeling of security for him, warm him and offer him support. Even outside dogs need the best dog bed to suit their needs, maybe even more so than an indoor dog. You must keep your dogs off of the tile and hardwood floors as all Veterinarians agree that it is extremely detrimental to the long-term joint health of the animal.

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