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Dog’s that deal with arthritis often times experience an increase in discomfort around the winter time due to the colder temperatures causing stiff joints. It can be hard to give them the relief they need without knowing what to do. Keep reading this blog to find out a few tips to reduce the pain that arthritis and cold weather can cause.


dog with arthritis by fire in winter

One of the best things to do for a dog suffering from arthritis is to keep them at a comfortable temperature. This can be done through a few steps to help keep their joints from stiffening in the cold.

First make sure you are keeping them in a environment that has heating where they can rest without worry. If they have always been outdoor dogs they may need to come inside when the temperature gets colder as it can increase their pain, or find a way to keep them warm in a safe style.

dog arthritis and cold weather

Some things to keep in mind is that around windows and doors there may be drafts that can be counteractive to the heating indoors so make sure to find a warm area maybe around a vent for your dog’s bed that can keep them comfortable and dry. This will allow them to rest during the day while you can have peace of mind knowing they aren't suffering at home.

When it does come time to take your dogs outside it is a good idea to use dog sweaters and boots to keep them from becoming cold too fast.

How to help the arthritis

dog wrapped up in blanket

There are many ways to help out arthritis on any given day and when the temperature drops it becomes even more crucial than ever to give them the relief they need. Just by upgrading certain things in your dog's life you can help their pain go away!

A real orthopedic dog bed can help your dog joints while they sleep, which as we all know is a big part of their day. Orthopedic dog beds have tons of benefits for joint health due to the fact that they relieve pressure where it's necessary. Normal dog beds don't causing worsening joint problems down the road. In cold weather especially it is important to give your dog a bed that will allow them to wake up feeling better than before.

dog with arthritis on dog bed

Exercise is another great way to combat arthritis in dogs as it is known to help loosen up the joints making it easier to move. In the winter it can be hard to get out there and walk your dog but that does not mean they can't get exercise indoors. Even dogs with arthritis love a good game of hide and seek every now and then, plus the movement will help their joints feel better.

Another great way to help out a dog dealing with arthritis is to introduce supplements and medicine that can help them out. CBD is an all natural substance found in the hemp plant that when extracted is non psychoactive and completely healthy for dogs. This compound not only fights inflammation and pain which are to main problems that face dogs with arthritis, but it has loads of other benefits as well. Introducing CBD to your dogs diet this winter may give them the relief they need to get moving around the house.

dog with arthritis on dog bed in winter

As with anything regarding your dog's diet make sure to contact your veterinarian to make sure they are getting the correct help they need. Arthritis and cold weather do not go hand and hand and we as pet parents have the tools to help our furry friends feel better this winter. I hope this blog has been insightful and helped a pooch out there. If you know anyone who could use this information feel free to share it so they can see.

BuddyRest was founded on the idea of supporting older dogs and based our first products on helping joint pains in dogs. We know dog sleep science and hope this blog helped you out.

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