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Camping is not only an excellent way to get out and enjoy the outdoors, but it is one of the most fun ways to bond with your dog.  

Tips for Camping with Dogs

Like us, dogs need to have appropriate camping gear to make the adventure both safe and fun, here are some tips on things to bring and tips for making your camping trip go smoothly.

Things to Bring:

  • Collapsible dog bowls help keep your pup hydrated
  • Backpack for hiking to hold water, snacks, and a first aid kit. If your pup is up for it, there are some great backpacks for dogs too
  • Flea and Tick preventative – Be sure your dog is current with their flea and tick preventative before you hit the woods to help reduce your dog's chances of contracting diseases like Lyme or Anaplasmosis.
  • Dog safe bug repellent – Depending on where you are headed, black flies and mosquitos can cause considerable discomfort to your dog. There are sprays and bug repellent bandanas explicitly made for dogs.  

Note: Most flea and tick preventatives do not deter other insects

  • First Aid Kit for your dog. Though we share a lot of the same first aid supplies, dogs can't just slap on a band-aid as easily as humans, so be sure to bring things like vet wrap, paw balm, and natural remedies such as coconut oil and honey. Also, adding some Benadryl to your dog's first aid kit is always wise in the event your pup is stung by a bee or other insect.
  • Calming supplements like CBD oil, some dogs may become anxious or stressed on their first camping trip. But be sure to try out any supplements before leaving home to ensure they are effective and that they do not have adverse side-effects.

Safety and Other Helpful Tips:    

  • Lakes and rivers are fun for dogs that are already familiar and comfortable with water. Remember to pack a life vest for your dog if you plan on bringing them boating
  • Be prepared that new environments can cause stress on a dog, so be sure to have a plan ready if your dog becomes stressed
  • Locate the local and emergency vet clinics in the area before leaving, you may not have cell reception where you are camping, so its best to plan ahead

Best Dog Beds for Camping

After a great day of hiking, anyone, including your dog, looks forward to a comfortable place to rest their head. It is especially important to pack a high-quality, sturdy orthopedic bed if you happen to be camping with your senior dog.

What to Look for in a Tough Bed

Both dogs and camping can be very hard on a bed, and we all know dog beds are an investment, which is why you must choose one that can withstand the general wear and tear of camping.

So, when choosing a dog bed for camping, be sure to select one that has:

  • Durable material for the cover, seams, and fill
  • A heavy-duty dog bed cover that is easy to remove and is machine washable
  • For maximum comfort choose a bed that helps keep your dog cool in warm weather
  • Easy storage for when it's not in use as well as when traveling
  • Covered zipper to keep debris out of the zipper
  • Water-resistant or waterproof 
  • Reinforced bottom

Tough Titan Orthopedic Dog Bed

The Tough Titan Orthopedic dog bed is ideal for your four-legged camper that can't seem to resist checking a bed's durability.  

Plus, being tough isn't the only thing this bed excels at, the Tough Titan is also extraordinarily comfortable with its two-inch memory foam insert.  

  • The Tough Titan is known as the most durable dog bed ever created
  • Perfect size and will fit mini-SUVs, larger vehicles, and even the backseat of a sedan
  • The removable machine washable cover is made of 1680 denier rated Ballistic Nylon - initially created for flak jackets that were worn by US military
  • True Cool memory foam technology to ensure optimal temperature comfort
  • Kevlar thread to keep the seams intact

Titan Acropolis Dog Bed - Ballistic Nylon Thread

The Titan Acropolis dog bed is the perfect bed for the dog that needs a nice place to lounge after a fun day in the woods, on the beach, or in the boat. The Titan Acropolis is water-resistant, and the cover is made from Titan ballistic fabric. 

Additionally, the seams are reinforced with Ballistic nylon thread to add to the bed's overall durability, making it ideal for roughing it in the woods.  

But what makes this bed one of the best choices for camping is that it keeps your dog well up off the ground. The bed is eight-inches tall and will help keep dogs safe from bugs and other discomforts commonly found on the ground.

  • Transportable, yet heavy-duty and very durable
  • Hidden gauntlet zipper keeps it hidden from your dog and protected from dirt
  • Removable and machine washable cover
  • Adaptaloft fiber giving the bed both height and comfort
  • Water-resistant

Tough Buddy Titan Memory Foam Dog Bed

The Tough Buddy Titan Memory Foam dog bed is the ultimate combination of comfort and durability. 

The bed is made with 1680 Ballistic Nylon to stand up against aggressive chewers, yet it is made with True Cool Memory foam to provide the utmost comfort.   

The Tough Buddy Titan is the ideal bed for our senior campers as it made to aid in relieving arthritic pain and reduce joint stiffness. Plus, the superior memory foam does not break down, so you never have to worry about permanent dips forming.

  • Never slip bottom adds to the overall toughness
  • Ballistic Nylon keeps the memory foam insert protected from your dog's attention and general wear and tear
  • True Cool Memory foam helps to keep your dog comfortable on warm days
  • Machine washable for odor defense

Titan Dog Beds For Dog Camping 

All of the above Titan beds are ideal for camping because they are durable and provide the highest level of comfort. Additionally, they all allow your dog to be up off the ground and are all easy to wash, keeping them looking and smelling great. 


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