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Large dogs are magnificent to look at and being an owner of one is a rewarding and prideful task due to the size alone. Large dogs can be lovable teddy bears or fearsome protectors, but no matter what they hold a place in their owner's hearts that is hard to replace. We will be looking at the top 6 big dog breeds and how a bed can help them out through life.

Saint Bernard

St Bernard in the mountains with a barrel collar

An iconic dog oftentimes recalled with a barrel around its neck is the fluffy and lovable Saint Bernard. These dogs have long been used as tracking dogs for humans lost in deep snow and are also amazing dogs for any family. With a personality that could make anyone love it, Saint Bernards are just a big teddy bear kind of animal. These dogs can get up to 33 inches in height and can weigh a whopping 250 pounds.

Great Dane

Great Dane sitting next to a pug in a dog park

Another iconic dog but this time due to its massive height is the Great Dane, with its long legs and muscular body. This breed is family to the largest dog on record and that is no easy task. These dogs are friendly to any part of the family from the kids to the cat, this makes them great dogs for a household that wants a bigger dog. Great Danes can get up to 40 inches tall and some even exceed that number by a lot.


Mastiff Looking excited in a garden on a sunny day

There are many different breeds of mastiffs so I am lumping them together, I'm sure some of you will be unhappy about this but they are all so big it would be a hard list without this. Mastiffs are giants and have been long been used as guard dogs all over the world. They come from many different regions and have many different features to their appearance but one thing that is certain is the size of these dogs will leave you in awe.


Black Newfoundland panting in a field

A dog that is large yet gentile is something you wouldn't expect to see but the Newfoundland is just that. This breed is not only calm but it is great with kids being extremely tolerant as well as protective of the little family members. These dogs were bred as fisherman's helpers and because of this love to swim and play in the water. The Newfoundlands can get up to 200 pounds with some getting even bigger than that making them a great big dog breed.  


Komondor sitting in an all red room

This dog breed can often be recognized right away due to its long mop-like fur coat that gives it a distinct appearance. This dog is very calm in nature and loves to be loved however this breed is known to need more space to roam around as that is what the breed is known to do. If you have a large fenced in backyard this dog would be a great addition to any family and will be a wonderful companion.

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound walking down a snowy path

This is a lesser-known breed but is still a member of the big dog breeds that everyone should be aware of. With a large height, these dogs rarely fall below 35 inches and along with this they are fairly lean and built to run fast. Originally used as hunting and protection these dogs have now become great additions to families and are actually amazing kids as well.

All of these dogs are larger in size and their families love them that much more for it. Sometimes however bigger size also comes with certain health problems, one of these being joint issues. Because they are big dog breeds they weigh more and this puts more strain on their joints that can lead to things like arthritis and hip dysplasia. A good orthopedic dog bed may be the difference-maker in the pain they experience from this so we recommend at least checking out some of the science behind our beds.  

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