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There’s nothing better than climbing into your bed after a long day. It’s warm, comfortable, and inviting. As we like it so much, it makes sense that our canine companions would enjoy it too!

What Is A Dog Bed?

A dog bed is just what it sounds like. It’s a bed specially designed for your dog to sleep in. There are many different styles and even more color options, so finding one (or more than one) for your dog can be a little overwhelming.

Do You Need To Get Your Dog A Bed?

The answer is always going to be yes, you do need to get a bed for your dog. It’s not good for your dog to sleep on the floor. It can cause all sorts of muscular, and skeletal problems. Older dogs, especially, shouldn’t be sleeping on the floor.

However, some dogs seem to prefer sleeping on the floor. This might be because their current bed is too hot, or too cold, the wrong size, or somehow uncomfortable. If you replace his current bed with a new one, you can find that he will start sleeping in his dog bed.

Some dogs and owners like to share a bed, and if both of you are getting enough sleep, then carry on. However, you should still offer him his own dog bed as well.

Benefits Of A Dog Bed

Small brown and tan dog laying in a red and brown dog bed.

There’s a wide range of reasons why your dog should have a dog bed, but the most important ones are:

A Safe Place

Dogs need somewhere of their own as it gives them a place to feel safe. Dogs can be a little territorial, so having a bed that is his, and only his, can help him to feel safe and secure in your home.

Reduces Anxiety

Anxious dogs can benefit from having a bed of their own. As they see their bed as a safe place, they tend to return to bed when they feel stressed or anxious. This can reduce the amount of anxiety your dog is feeling.

Limits Fur And Allergens

When your dog has his own bed, the amount of fur and allergens he spreads through your home tends to be limited to the area his bed is in. This can be very useful if you or anyone who visits your home suffers from allergies.

It can also help protect your furniture from scratches, and claw damage. If your dog is comfortable in his own bed, he won’t want to climb all over your furniture as much.

Spine Support

Small brown and white dog lying on her back on top of cream colored carpet.

Dogs need to have their spines and joints supported as they sleep - just as we do! Dog beds offer much more support than pillows, blankets, or the floor. Support is really important for senior dogs, dogs that are overweight, and dogs with known health issues, such as hip dysplasia or arthritis. Arthritis can cause your dog to find it difficult to transition from standing to lying, but a dog bed can actually help with this.

Prevents Jumping

Young dogs and healthy dogs usually have no problem jumping up onto your bed, your couch or wherever they want. Older dogs and dogs with health issues may struggle to do this and can cause injury to themselves by trying. Having his own bed to sleep in can help you teach your dog not to jump up onto furniture, and reduce the risk of further injury.

Improved Sleep

Dogs sleep for around 12 hours every day. Some studies suggest that dogs who sleep in dog beds have better quality sleep than dogs who sleep on the floor.

Another study found that owners who share their beds with their dogs had lower sleep quality. Dogs can move a lot during sleep, and these movements seemed to disturb the owner’s sleep quality. However, the study also found that the owner who slept with their dog in the bedroom in his own bed had a much-improved quality of sleep.

What To Look For In A Good Dog Bed

Older brown dog laying on a white and brown dog bed.

Choosing a dog bed for your dog can sometimes be harder than you’d think. Your dog can’t actually tell you exactly what he wants in a bed, but there are some things you should look for in a dog bed.


It’s always recommended that a senior dog sleeps on an orthopedic dog bed, but, it can be a good idea for all dogs to sleep on an orthopedic bed. These beds can offer much greater support. Some are made from an orthopedic foam, which is more supportive than other foams. Other orthopedic beds are made from a gel-type filling, which is more expensive but is able to distribute your dog’s weight more evenly.


The material covering the bed is also important. It needs to be comfortable and soft enough for your dog to want to sleep on it, but it also needs to be hard-wearing and durable. Look for beds with covers that can be removed and washed. You may also want to find a bed with a filling that can be washed as all dogs can have accidents or get sick, and this can become more common in older dogs, or dogs with health issues.

Waterproof Liner

Some dog beds come with a waterproof liner between the cover and the filling. This helps protect the filling from dirt and liquid. This can be very important for older dogs, or dogs that enjoy running through water or mud!

Size And Shape

The size and shape of the bed are also important. Your dog will probably have some opinion on what size and shape he prefers, but you need to be sure you chose a bed that is big enough for your dog. Some dogs like to be able to stretch out in their beds, while others feel more secure in a bed that is just big enough.

There are also many different shapes of bed, and it may take you some time to figure out what kind your dog prefers. Some owners have found that large dogs like bolster beds, which have a long side with a built-in pillow, but smaller dogs like to curl up in a cuddle bed which is a little like a bean bag.

How Many Beds Should My Dog Have?

The last thing you need to know about dog beds is that your dog might need more than one. Some dogs have more than one area of the house that they feel comfortable in, so unless you want to move your dog’s bed around the house, it can make sense to buy him more than one bed. Check out some of our best sellers to find the best bed for that good dog of yours!


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