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Separation anxiety is a problem that can strain any furry friend making it hard for them to relax and oftentimes leads to bad behavior problems. It can be hard to deal with separation anxiety due to the fact that you are away from the house when the problem behavior is happening. A good orthopedic dog bed is a good way to help your dog get through the day without a breakdown. Keep reading to find out how an orthopedic dog bed can help separation anxiety in dogs.

Separation anxiety

how an orthopedic dog bed can help separation anxiety in dogs

Separation anxiety is ultimately the way your dog handles you being away all day, and some dogs react worse than others. Dogs are companion animals and when they don't have their owner around they may get stressed, scared, or angry.

There are many behavioral problems that are often associated with separation anxiety like chewing stuff they shouldn't, constant barking, scratching, peeing or pooping inside, and escaping. All of these can be hard to handle on their own and some dogs show multiple problems when dealing with separation anxiety.

Some signs to notice if your furry friend has separation anxiety for dogs will often come as you are getting ready to leave. Humans are pattern driven and follow a routine that our dogs can learn. When they see things that you do before you leave this can start off the cycle of anxiety. Some signs to look for as you are getting ready to leave are pacing, lip licking, whining, shaking, and shy behavior. Another way to see signs is to wait in your yard out of sight of your dog to notice if they are showing any behavior problems.

Orthopedic dog bed

how an orthopedic dog bed can help separation anxiety in dogs

A way to help your dog deal with separation anxiety is to get them a true orthopedic dog bed where they can have a space of comfort. Dogs are den animals just like their wolf ancestors, this oftentimes leads to them having their own space or den to be comfortable. A Orthopedic dog bed can help them achieve this.

The first step is finding a good orthopedic dog bed. Some dog beds claim to be orthopedic but are fake and use simple foam inserts to look alike. We have some real Orthopedic Dog Beds that are the best quality on the market. This will ensure your dog is staying comfortable and healthy as they handle any anxiety they feel.

how an orthopedic dog bed can help separation anxiety in dogs

Next you want to place this dog bed somewhere close to where you spend your time at home. This will allow your dog to get used to the dog bed with your presence and will make them feel like you are there even if you are not. This will give them somewhere to be where they feel a connection to you even if you are gone.

Another good idea is to fill the bed with comfort items like blankets that smell like you, the toy you guys play with the most, and even an old t-shirt. These will all help calm your dog with the idea of you being around even though you are at work or out with friends.

Other solutions

how an orthopedic dog bed can help separation anxiety in dogs

Separation anxiety is a tricky problem to solve and sometimes one option won't work alone or at all for certain dogs. Luckily there are many ways to deal with separation anxiety these days and this can be great for your dogs mental well being.

The first option is to train your dog, this can be an extremely time consuming requiring multiple sessions throughout the day to help your dog with the idea of you leaving. You will want to step outside close the door and wait for your dog to react once they do go back inside. You will repeat this until your dog no longer reacts and this is where you can reward them with a treat or playing. You should repeat this and slowly add in time while you are outside until your dog is capable of going hours without a problem. This is has a strong success rate if done correctly but like i said it is not easy and requires time.

how an orthopedic dog bed can help separation anxiety in dogs

The next option I will cover is to see if CBD is a good choice for your dog. CBD or cannabidiol is a compound found in hemp that has been proven to help with seizures, arthritis, pain, and anxiety in certain dogs. CBD is a THC free non psychoactive compound that is completely safe for your furry friend, and is great for separation anxiety in dogs. Along with this it is super easy to use simply give it to your dog as a supplement and they will get all the benefits with no work. Natural Doggie has a great CBD infused coconut oil that works and tastes great to dogs.

Here's a great infographic about the benefits of CBD done by SitStay.com

There is no one way to deal with separation anxiety and all dogs are different just like us. Make sure to do what you think is best for your furry friend in their time of needs. Make sure to get your veterinarian involved as they can give you insight into different treatments for separation anxiety in dogs. It can be a hard time dealing with separation anxiety and an orthopedic dog bed may be the right option for your dog. Make sure to share this blog with any pet owners who could use it.

For more information about the best orthopedic dog beds check out our website or talk to your veterinarian to see if they recommend Buddy Rest orthopedic dog beds for your furry friend.  BuddyRest was founded on the idea of supporting older dogs and based our first products on helping joint pains in dogs. We know dog sleep science and hope this blog helped you out

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