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Getting the right supplies for your German Shepherd should include researching and picking a high-quality dog bed. Since German Shepherds are so large, their needs may be different than most dogs. Here are the factors you should consider when selecting the best dog bed for your German Shepherd!

What To Look For in a Large Dog Bed


You should have a bed for your dog in any space they like to spend time. Putting a good bed in your living space will give them somewhere to lay down other than the couch or floor. You should also have a bed for your dog’s crate once they are done teething. Your German Shepherd will use their bed as a space to relax so it is important to pick one that is very comfortable.

Pick a bed that is the proper size for your dog. Larger dogs need a bed they can sprawl out on and still have good support. If you are picking a bed for your puppy, remember they will grow a substantial amount. Puppies need a good bed to support them as they grow. The bed you get your dog should have enough cushioning to support a heavier dog and be conducive to their sleeping style.

Orthopedic bedding is one of the best options for your dog. It provides the best support and is very durable, they also are known for helping with common health conditions that dogs are known to get as they age such as arthritis.

Large dogs, including German Shepherds, are prone to joint pain and hip dysplasia. Picking a supportive material for their dog bed can make a huge difference in their health. Orthopedic beds will aid with these conditions as well, however, ortho-dog beds tend to be a bit pricier, so if you are not sure that your dog necessarily needs an orthopedic dog bed memory foam dog beds can be your next option to consider.

Remember, your German Shepherd has a very warm, thick coat. Get them a dog bed that will keep them cool in hotter climates. Gel-cooled dog beds are a great option for keeping them comfortable. Many memory foam beds have a gel-cooled section that gives your dog the best of both worlds!


When you shop for your dog’s bed, you will find many different material options for the covers. Make sure you pick a durable fabric like Crypton, canvas, or Kevlar. These materials are tough to chew through. They don’t come apart from the same way cheaper polyester blends do so your GSD won’t be tempted to pull strings out and destroy their bed.

Choosing a durable cover material will also ensure that the bed survives the puppy teething stage.

The cover for your dog’s bed should also have a durable zipper and stitching. For safety reasons it is best to pick a bed that has the zipper hidden so it doesn’t catch on fur, paws, and tails. Some dog beds also have Velcro instead of zippers. This is a great alternative.

Dogs with Special Needs

German Shepherds like to chew as puppies and adults. Picking a bed that won’t come apart easily will also keep them safe from ingesting dangerous materials.

Select a bed that has a water-resistant cover. This will make it much easier to clean when your dog lays down and drools. Water-resistance will also allow your dog to use their bed for a long time even if they have an oily coat or incontinence issues.

Dogs with allergies may feel much more comfortable with an antibacterial cover for their bed.

ALWAYS select a bed that has a removable cover. If your dog has an accident or gets on their bed when they are muddy, you will be able to clean it. If the cover gets ripped, most can be purchased separately and replaced.

Since German Shepherds need larger beds, washing the cover will be much easier than attempting to wash the entire bed. Picking a bed with a machine washable cover will make your bed last much longer, and make your life MUCH easier.

Best Dog Beds for a German Shepherd

Comfort Deluxe Memory Foam by Buddy Rest

This bed is one of the most popular from Buddy Rest. It has the “best of both worlds” with cooling memory foam to keep your German Shepherd supported and cool. With the proper support this bed provides, it will prevent joint pain in growing puppies and alleviate discomfort in older dogs. 

The cover is made from Buddy Rest Smart Suede fabric and is designed to be durable and low maintenance. This makes it a great option for the active GSD.

Titan Fortress Ballistic Bolster Dog Bed by Buddy Rest

For the power chewer German Shepherd, Buddy Rest has created this extremely durable bed. The fabric and threading are made from chew-proof materials. It is water-resistant and has a hidden zipper closure.

This bed doesn’t skimp on comfort. It also has the cooling gel and memory form to keep your dog supported and cool. The bolster on this bed will help if your dog likes to sleep nested or if they need more support than a typical bed can provide.

Affinity Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed by Buddy Rest

This bed is one of the newest and most innovative options from Buddy Rest. It uses its Advanced Orthopedic Hybrid Support System to give your dog a perfect balance of soft and supportive. The cover is made from antibacterial fabric that is durable and doesn’t require very frequent washes.

If you want a high-quality bed that will still look good in your living room, this option is for you! It has a nice quilted look that appears high end while maintaining durability and comfort for your dog.

 Romeo Advanced Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed by Buddy Rest 

If you are looking for a bed with the best of everything from Buddy Rest, this is the one for you. The bed itself is made from three different materials, giving your German Shepherd the best support and comfort available. The cover is attractive, durable, and low maintenance. There is also a bolster for dogs who need the extra support.

Divinity Bolster Memory Foam Dog Bed by Buddy Rest

With the AdaptaLift technology from Buddy Rest, this bed is a great option for your German Shepherd. It provides the proper support for larger dogs, with a durable cover that will last for years!

The Bed For Your German Shepherd 

Picking the right dog bed for your German Shepherd is very important. Using this guide will help you find the perfect combination of comfort, support, and durability. These options will be a good investment for your dog’s health and will last years with little maintenance!


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