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A comfortable dog bed can make a huge difference in your dog’s life. We know how important the quality of our mattress is to us, so a dog’s bed should be no different.

In this article we’ll discuss the qualities of the perfect dog bed, and which ones we recommend for large dogs.

What makes a great dog bed?

There are a few factors that make for a dog bed that your pup will love. Some of these qualities include:


Our dogs spend the majority of their day sleeping. The average dog sleeps anywhere from 14-15 hours each day, so they should have a cozy spot in the house that they can turn to when it’s time for a nap. A cozy bed can offer your dog comfort, warmth, and ease in which they start a new day.

They Need Their Own Space

A large black dog standing in a field of bright green grass

Canines are den animals, meaning they love to have a spot in their home they can go to relax and still have a view of what’s going on around them. Even wild wolves are known to seek out cozy spots under trees in an effort to have their own little space while still observing the world around them.

Just like us, our dogs can become overwhelmed with their day. Having a den-like area, such as a comfy bed, can give them a space to get away from everyone else and relax in solitude. 

Adequate Cushion

In order for a dog to enjoy their bed, it has to fit their needs of comfort. An ideal bed will have adequate cushion to help raise them off the hard ground and support their body enough for them to relax. 

If you have ever slept on a hard bed that offers no cushion, you know how sore this can make you after a night's rest. A dog’s bed is no different and should be made of supportive cushion that brings them the comfort they seek. 

The Right Size

A black and tan German Shepherd running through sand

In order for a dog to enjoy their bed, it needs to be the right size. If their bed is too small and their legs are forced to hang off the edges, this can put unnecessary stress on their joints. 

When choosing a dog bed for your pup, make sure to measure your dog from nose to tail. Once you have a dog bed in mind, make sure it’s at least a few inches larger on each side than their body measurements. This will give them the ability to stretch out and relax during their naps without the risk of hanging off their bed.   

Flat or Cradled Edges

Each dog has their own favorite sleeping position. Some dogs like to curl up in a little ball, while others like to sprawl out and stretch their limbs. Luckily, there are options for both kinds of sleepers. 

If your dog prefers to curl up, consider giving them a bed with cushioned edges that act as a cradle.

 If your dog likes to stretch out, they will likely prefer a flatbed that gives them the ability to spread their limbs without obstruction. 


Just like us, dogs generally run hot or cold. If your pup is always trying to snuggle up next to you and cuddle under your blankets, then they most likely appreciate a warm and cozy bed. If your dog chooses to sprawl out on the tile floor versus any other surface, then they likely prefer a nice and cool area to sleep. 

For dogs who seek warmth, make sure your choice of bed is plush and can help to radiate their body heat. 

For dogs that like a cool place to sleep, consider purchasing a bed with gel-cooled technology. 

Orthopedic Bed

Though orthopedic beds are essential for older dogs, they can benefit large dogs no matter their age. Orthopedic beds offer supportive cushion that will never exacerbate joint pain but help to bring them comfort after a long day.

If you have a large dog, especially over the age of 6, you should consider an orthopedic bed for optimal comfort and support.


a tan and white dog laying down looking past the camera

A quality bed should be able to withstand daily use, and other wear and tear that dogs can cause over time. Some qualities to look for in a durable bed are:


  • Chew resistant: If you have a puppy or a dog that is known to chew, it’s important to look for a bed that emphasizes its chew resistant fabric. You never know what your pup can get into when you are away, so it’s essential that their dog bed can withstand chewing that can come with boredom, play, or any other destructive activities.
  • Warranty: The best dog bed companies understand that life can happen. Whether your dog doesn’t end up using the bed, it flattens out with time, or your chewing obsessed pup is able to gnaw through their anti-chew fabric, it’s important to make sure that you are covered. Most quality dog beds offer warranties for certain occurrences.
  • Zippers and stitching: Make sure that your choice of dog bed has hidden stitching and zippers that tuck away. You want to be sure that your dog can't chew off any sharp zippers, or easily tear up their brand new bed.


Special Needs

Lastly, make sure that your choice of dog bed fits your dog’s specific needs. Some beneficial qualities that dog owners love in a dog bed include:

  • Tougher fabric material for dogs that love to chew.
  • Water-proof fabric for dogs that drool while sleeping or chewing bones.
  • Machine washable cover that makes for easy cleaning. 
  • Anti-bacterial fabric that helps reduce the presence of allergens that can irritate a sensitive dog’s skin. 

Best Dog Beds For Large Dogs

Comfort Deluxe Memory Foam by BuddyRest 

This bed is a water-proof, anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, temperature neutral, and supportive orthopedic bed for the dogs who like to sprawl out and stretch their legs. It’s specifically created with joint support in mind, so it’s sure to give your senior pup the comfort they desire.

Romeo Advanced Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed by BuddyRest

This bed is a water-proof, anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, temperature neutral, and supportive orthopedic bed for the dogs who love the feeling of being cradled in a couch style bed. The advanced orthopedic features are ideal for the senior pup in your life that needs extra support for a restful night of sleep.


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