Romeo Orthopedic Dog Bed

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Great support for all dogs of all ages. Our beds are specifically designed to help younger dogs age well and older dogs with canine arthritis.

Utilizing cutting-edge Advanced Orthopedic Hybrid Support System™, combining cutting-edge Truecool™ Memory Foam that keeps pets comfortable and supported. 

With advanced Liftex™ support technology, this innovative mobility layer technology is really what separates this dog bed from the pack. This technology helps older dogs or dogs with mobility problems enter and exit the bed.

overstuffed and removable AdaptaLoft™ Cloud Support bolsters that cater to pets' nesting instincts so your dog is always feeling comfortable and secure. 

This advanced orthopedic dog bed is truly the most sophisticated combination of form and function ever created and the ultimate support for your pup. Your dog deserves the best comfort and support. Your dog deserves to age gracefully and enjoy a pain-free life. Your dog deserves a BuddyRest.

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Made in the USA, by dedicated masters of their craft, each BuddyRest bed is handmade with precision from start to finish. This process ensures you will receive a true work of art.


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Our buttery soft suede is designed to repel hair and messes. Say goodbye forever to embarrassing odors and the never-ending cycle of washing dog beds.

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Titan™ Thread makes the seams 5x stronger than other beds and ensures this is the last dog bed you will ever need to buy.

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As your dog ages, it is important they have solid footing. Our Never Slip™ bottom material keeps your dog safe and stable.


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Romeo Advanced Dog Bed Size Chart

10 Year Warranty and 100 Day Satisfaction


Is this dog bed orthopedic?

Yes, this dog bed is orthopedic! We use only the highest quality, genuine viscoelastic memory foam to make BuddyRest dog beds. With standard memory foam, the weight of the animal's body causes them to sink too far into the bed, causing pressure points and overheating. Our truly orthopedic beds are at the cutting edge of technology. They provide excellent support for the whole body, straight spinal alignment, and soothing pressure relief.

Will my dog like this bed?

Our beds are designed to offer a comfortable, supportive place that a dog can call their own. Customers have told us that most dogs love their new BuddyRest dog bed the moment it arrives. For others, this may be a process of learning to adapt to their new bed. In all cases, BuddyRest is here for you, offering you a 100 day, no-commitment return policy, allowing you to receive a full refund up to 100 days after your purchase. This gives enough time for your dog to get used to his new BuddyRest and takes the strain off of you to make him like it before the return time is up. Rest assured that your dog will ultimately love the quality and comfort a BuddyRest bed provides.

What is the material in this bed?

The Romeo Bolster Bed uses BuddyRest Smart Suede™ Fabric which stays clean and doesn’t smell over time that’s also water-resistant. It also has PureCore™ Support Foam and our Truecool™ Memory Foam which keeps your pet at an optimal temperature and doesn’t break down or get dips. This foam also reduces joint stiffness and relieves arthritic pain. What makes this bed unique though is the Liftex™ Technology between the Pure Core and Truecool foam layers. This layer makes it easy for a dog with mobility problems to enter and exit the bed.

What size dog bed should I get?

For our bolstered beds, we recommend you get one size up from the size of bed you would normally purchase, as the bolsters take up extra space so there is less usable room for your dog to lay. For a Small dog (under 50 lbs.), we recommend a Medium bed. For a Medium dog (50-75 lbs.), we recommend a Large bed. For a Large dog (above 75 lbs.), we recommend an XL bed. For the biggest of dogs, we recommend a SuperXL bed. For a personalized recommendation of bed choice and size, you can use our Perfect Dog Bed Selector Tool, or you can call our doggy Dream Team experts at 1-866-675-3994 to help you find the right bed.

Can I wash this bed?

Yes! Though this bed only needs to be washed about twice a year thanks to the innovative material which stays clean, prevents bacteria growth, and repels hairs, odors, and stains.

What are the internal dimensions?

Medium - 19” x 17”
Large - 26” x 23”
X-Large - 34” x 25”
SuperXL - 41" x 30"