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  1. How do orthopedic memory foam beds work?
  2. What makes a dog bed "orthopedic"?
  3. Beware of these "orthopedic" claims
  4. What makes your beds the best?
  5. How do I wash the bed cover?
  6. What is the best size BuddyRest for my dog?
  7. How do I know my dog will like it?
  8. Does made in the USA really matter?
  9. Can my dog chew his new BuddyRest bed?
  10. How do you ship?
  11. How do I purchase?
  12. How can I pay?
  13. When can I expect my bed?
  14. What is the BuddyRest Return Policies?
  15. What is your Warranty?


How do orthopedic memory foam beds work?

It's an unfortunate reality that our beloved pets grow old and develop ailments. Old buddies and new can both benefit from our beds. All BuddyRest dog beds are truly orthopedic. BuddyRest beds conform to your animal's body, evenly redistributing their weight across the surface. This eliminates the painful pressure points on their joints and hips. Memory foam is a proven technology that decreases pain and stiffness in your animal. Memory foam has to be of a certain quality coupled with the correct support foam for it to provide the orthopedic pain relief. Memory foam alone does not provide the correct support. Without the support foam, the animal sinks through the memory foam to the floor creating pressure points and pain. Choose a BuddyRest bed that takes pain away and is engineered to withstand the test of time. Learn more about the science of our beds here.



What makes a dog bed "orthopedic"?

Many beds claim to be orthopedic; however, the truth is most of them are not. High grade memory foam is the only material that completely alleviates all pressure points and offers correct support. Most pet beds on the market today are made cheaply out of fiber fill, scrap foam and egg crate corrugated foam. These materials ARE NOT ORTHOPEDIC and do not relieve the pressure points or pain for your best buddy. Almost all are made in China out of cheap materials with the objective of delivering the cheapest bed to market. This encourages most manufactures to make inferior quality beds that are not “orthopedic” and break down rapidly. We are the only company using tactile pressure mapping to ensure calibrated support.



Beware of the following "Orthopedic dog bed" claims!

Orthopedic Foam
Egg Crate Foam
Elevated "cot" beds
Shredded memory Foam
Dura Fill
Fiber Fill
Medical Foam
Foam Chips

*It is low quality cheap foam that doesn't provide the correct support or pressure relief. Beware of "medical grade" or "orthopedic grade" as this is not memory foam either.

*Sleeping on a cot is not good for joint health. No one enjoys sleeping on a cot, including your dog

*Shredded memory foam does not provide orthopedic support either. You must have a layer of memory foam bonded to a layer of support foam for it to be truly orthopedic. That is why you will not find a shredded memory foam mattress for sale in a mattress store. The science is simply not there. Furthermore, it's made of cheap scrap or recycled foam.



What makes your beds the best?

We use tactile pressure mapping and real science to ensure our beds actually are pressure relieving and truly orthopedic. Our high quality memory foam is the same materials in high end human mattresses. Our support is World class and unmatched. We utilize Crypton fabric to eliminate the need for hot inner liners and keep the bed fresh and your house smelling clean. Plus we make it all here with precision in the USA.  Accept no imitations! See how we compare to the competition.


How do I wash the bed cover?

Because of the Crypton Super Fabric cover, you do not need to wash it often. It repels stains, bacteria and odors. You can easily spot clean the cover. However, if you need to wash it, you can easily remove the cover and throw it in the washing machine. You need to remove the cover, wash on cold/cold gentle, then dry on low heat.



What is the best bed and size BuddyRest for my dog?

Ensure your dog has plenty of space to lie across the bed. Comparing your dog’s current bed size and how he fits on it can be helpful. We recommend using a tape measure to visually confirm the area your dog currently uses when in a sleeping position. Please keep in mind bolster beds have less internal space and we suggest buying one size up. Currently, we offer several size beds that will accommodate the vast majority of animals out there. Special sizes are usually available for an additional cost. Click here if you need help selecting a dog bed.  Please contact us with any questions.



How do I know my dog will like it?

Our bed offers a comfortable supportive place that a dog can call their own. Most dogs love the comfort of thier new dog bed the moment it arrives.  A lot of people think their dog wants the softest bed they can find. This is simply not true. Super soft beds make the animal sink in too far and do not correctly support the body. Our beds are a medium comfort to provide the best support. It is also very important if you have a senior pet that they can get into and out of the bed without struggling. It may sometimes take a few days for them to understand that the new bed is part of the home. They may also need to get acclimated to the way it feels. Please reserve judgement for up to a few weeks. Be the pack leader and encourage your dog to lay down on the bed. Some dogs fall in love with it the first night, others take a few days. Rest assured that your dog will appreciate the super supportive comfort. Worst case scenario, we have the best return policy out there. You can return your bed for a full refund withing 100 days of receiving your bed and we will even pay to ship it back. 


Does made in the USA really matter

BuddyRest ensures the best quality bed. We have 4 quality assurance checks before we ever ship out any product. Most pet beds on the market today are made cheaply out of scrap foam and foam chips. This coupled with a lack of support foam makes the often heard claim of “orthopedic pet mattress” not valid for most beds. They are also mostly made in China out of cheap materials with the objective of delivering the cheapest bed to market. There have been a lot of Chinese products recalled recently, in the pet products industry especially. Our quality “made in the USA” foam will provide true orthopedic benefits; as well as have unmatched durability over every other orthopedic mattress on the market. In addition, the revolutionary Crypton fabrics provide a healthy, durable, and breathable cover that is easily washable and easy to spot clean. From our fabric to our foam, it’s all made in the heartland of the USA. BuddyRest products are not cheaply made. They are made to improve your dog’s quality of life, and hold up over time. Rather than constantly replace your buddy’s bed every few months or years, a BuddyRest dog bed will be the last bed you ever need to buy.



Can my dog chew his new BuddyRest bed?

Some pet lovers would love to improve the life of their animal, yet can't because their furry friends destroy everything. Each BuddyRest memory foam dog bed is hand crafted with Kevlar thread. Kevlar is the strongest thread to work with and is almost impossible to break. It is the same technology in bullet proof vests. Crypton Super Fabric is super durable and has a very high abrasion rating. We do little things like sew down the corners, and hide the zippers on the bottom. If your dog is a chewer, they have met their match with any BuddyRest bed. Please note that nothing is indestructible and the root cause of most chewing is separation anxiety. However, our Titan dog beds utilize Kevlar and ballistic nylon and it is as tough as a dog bed can be. Check out our tough Titan dog beds.



How do you ship?

All packages are shipped via UPS Ground. Once your order has shipped we promptly email your UPS tracking information so you can track your shipment. We may offer expedited shipped if requested. We may charge an expedited shipping special handling fee.  We do ship some items in two boxes with minimal assembly required.
We do our best to keep shipping charges as reasonable as possible. Our website is set up to ship to most of the World. 

*We ship to the Canada, Australia, and Europe every day! Simply click the flag at the top of the page and select your country.

Contact us if you need any help



How do I purchase?

Buy directly from our website with confidence. Our site is SSL secured, and all information is encrypted. Your privacy and security is important to us. If you feel more comfortable on the phone, call us!




How can I pay?

We accept all major credit cards. We use Paypal to process your cards in a safe secure way. You may also pay via Paypal account. You do not have to sign up for paypal to make a purchase. Simply select the "I do not have a paypal account" option and enter your credit card. If you have any questions or issues with payment. You can always place an order over the phone, please call our customer service number 1-866-675-3994 .



When can I expect my bed?

At Buddy Rest we make every effort to ship all orders the same day they are ordered. However, our average handling time is within 4-7 business days. We ship UPS Ground, which takes 2-6 business days to arrive. Very rarely do we go over our estimated handling time due to high order volume.

Rarely we may be out of stock on an item. If your order is not in stock you will be notified about the delay. We always email a UPS tracking number as it ships and you may track your shipment on If you selected the embroidery option, please allow up to an extra 5 days.



What is the BuddyRest Return Policies?

100 Day Risk Free Guarantee

You may return for a full refund within 100 days of receiving the item. Bed must be in like new condition with no stains or damage. Please contact us prior to returning the item for a Return Authorization (RA) to ensure the proper credit will be issued. We will then send you a return label. We will take care of all return shipping. We do ask that you keep the bed at least 10 days, and make every effort to give your dog a chance to get used to it. Please note personalized beds can not be returned or exchanged.




We stand behind all of our high-quality products. With every product we manufacture we use the best processes and materials available. We do the little things to ensure a great product. We guarantee our products against defects in materials or workmanship for 10 years.
Damage caused by an animal is not covered under warranty.

Contact us at for any issues.
Your business is important to us, so expect a prompt reply.


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