Crypton Out Covers


Our covers work like a tarp even though they are a nice soft suede. Because our covers use advanced anti-bacterial technology they stay cleaner longer!

Waterproof Icon


All of our dog beds are extremely water-resistant with the addition of our Dog Armour™ liner. Our one-of-a-kind intelligent fabric solution does repel most moisture, stains and allergens, however in order to be 100% waterproof, we sell an additional liner.

temperature icon


Regular memory foam can heat up quickly! We pioneered gel foam in pet beds! Our innovative Truecool™ technology ensures year-round temperature regulated comfort in all seasons and climates.





BuddyRest not only uses the highest quality foam and fabric, we use Titan™ Thread to tie it all together. It provides an incredibly strong stitch to ensure years of durability. Using Titan™ Thread makes all our our beds almost impossible to destroy and incredibly chew resistant.

Made in the USA


Even thought we use state of the art technology in all of our beds, the way we make them is old school. Hand made with quality in mind, each bed goes through four quality assurance checks before it ever leaves our facility. That is why we offer the most comfortable, durable, and supportive dog beds in the industry.