Veterinarian Recommended Dog Beds

Vet Recommended

Chronic pain is under-diagnosed and under-treated in dogs and cats. Just like us, our pets with chronic pain are often uncomfortable when they are trying to sleep. As a doctor, when I formulate a plan to treat a pet’s pain, I evaluate all areas of the pet’s life, including how and what they are sleeping on at night. The Buddy Rest bed is an important tool to increase the comfort level for my patients. I recommend the Buddy Rest bed for all of my patients with chronic pain.

Dr. Michael R. Johnson, DVM 


I have three Great Danes, and they are much more comfortable since we invested in BuddyRest orthopedic beds for them.  Their ability to get moving, especially first thing in the morning, has increased dramatically!

Dr. Kelly Deewall, DVM 


Orthopedic beds specially designed for arthritic dogs provide the right amounts of comfort and support. An orthopedic bed must be able to conform to the animal’s body, distributing your dog's weight evenly across the surface. This eliminates pressure points on the joints. The even distribution of weight is made possible by memory foam technology. Memory foam molds to the body pressing against it. The right combination of memory and support foams relieves discomfort or pain caused by pressure points. This allows restful sleep, as well as reducing joint stiffness throughout the day. For the best orthopedic beds for dogs, I choose Buddyrest. 

Dr. Christopher Durin DVM,  Canine Arthritis Expert


Buddyrest pet beds are a great support for your animal. I use them in my practice and recommend them to patients who suffer from joint problems and hot spots.

Dr. Garry Cowan, DVM


The pets are so much more comfortable after surgery. They clean up very well and do resist water or fluid absorption. Thanks for the great product.

Dr. John Van Zandt, DVM


BuddyRest beds use real memory with support foam to relieve pressure points. Unlike the egg crate foam found in most dog beds that claim to be "orthopedic", Buddyrest beds utilize real science to relieve discomfort and promote healthy joints".

Dr. Kay Jensen, DVM


Best dog bed I have ever bought. My dog Lucy, a 10 yr old vizsla loves this is water-resistant and easy to clean. Worth the price.

Dr. Anthony Ulrich , DVM


BuddyRest beds work well in our comfort room where we perform euthanasia.

Dr. Clifford Cummings, DVM


BuddyRestWe just got two puppies. I love that it'' easy to clean if they have an accident and I don't have to worry about the insert getting wet. They seem to like it.

Dr. Carolyn Gallo, DVM


Since obtaining a Comfort Deluxe Memory Foam bed here at the clinic, we use it for our recovering surgery patients. We also use the bed for the senior animal waiting for treatment or therapy. It has proven to be easy to clean and very comfortable for our patients. We also use a patient warmer on the recovering surgery patients without any problems. Overall, we are very happy and satisfied with this bed!

Dr. Kevin Cederberg, DVM


My family has an older dog with back and joint pain. We ordered this bed for him to help ease some of his pain. After sleeping on the bed, we noticed that he was moving better upon waking. Overall, we have been very happy with our purchase.

Dr. Amanda Jennings, DVM


I purchased this bed for my Weimaraner that has wobbler's disease. It took him several weeks but now it is his go to bed. He always loved sleeping on his back with his feet in the air, but had stopped doing it. He is sleeping in his favorite position again thanks to his buddy rest.

Dr. Beverly Fitzler, DVM


I love these beds and so do my labs. We have been very happy with our purchase.

Dr. Sarah Marak, DVM


We have been using our Buddy Rest crate pads for over 4 years now. Whether we are headed to New Mexico for hunting, at the State Fair, behind the scenes at the opera, on the bench at Westminster, or just hanging around at home our dogs are always comfortable on their Buddy Rest crate pads. They ride comfortably in the van whether headed across town or across the country. 

Dr. Teresa J Burks DVM


I have had dogs for most of my life and tried many different beds, particularly orthopedic beds, none compare to these.  As a veterinarian and rescue advocate, I typically have multiple dogs that are primarily geriatric and/or have been injured and/or have significant illnesses, therefore, I require good quality beds to keep them comfortable and happy.  All of the crew have loved these beds and my 16-year-old has an easier time rising from this one than from any other bed I have tried.  This company has also been very easy to work with and stands behind their products completely!  I am very happy with these beds and with BuddyRest.

Dr. Elizabeth Mayne DVM


We use the dog bed at our clinic every day. Dogs seem to love it. Sometimes they do not want to leave the bed to go outside.

Dr. Jerry Henke, DVM 


This bed has been great for my older greyhound, who has both muscle/joint pain as well as neurological issues following a stroke. He struggles less to get up and down and seems to enjoy lying on this bed. I love how easy it is to clean and that no matter what happens to the cover the foam inside stays protected!t.

Dr. Karen Kerr, DVM

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