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Lynx Dog Armour™ Blanket

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While your dog enjoys a new level of comfort and warmth, you get mess-proof peace of mind, even if once in a while he sleeps on your bed. Our new Lynx Dog Armour™ Blanket is 100% soft and luxurious and 100% waterproof! This super-soft blanket is constructed with our Dog Armour™ membrane, a barrier that keeps the dry side dry. This is a blanket unlike any you've tried before.


✔ Soft, Vegan Faux Fur provides super soft comfort

✔ Waterproof to keep any messes contained

✔ Machine Washable blanket makes cleanup a breeze

✔ Extra Fluffy to keep your dog feeling safe and secure

✔ 100 Day / 100% Money Back Guarantee in case your pup doesn't love it

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100 Days / 100% Money Back Guarantee

Verified Review

Made in the USA

Made in the USA, by dedicated masters of their craft, each BuddyRest product is handmade with precision from start to finish. This process ensures you will receive a true work of art.


Is this blanket waterproof?

Yes, this blanket is 100% waterproof on the inside. This means that the outside luxury faux fur will get wet and absorb fluid. However, our Dog Armor™ liner ensures nothing passes through below. Think of it as a luxury mattress protector for all your stuff!

Will my dog like this blanket?

Our products are designed to offer a comfortable place that a dog can call their own. Most dogs will love this blanket as it is super soft and luxurious. If you have a young dog that is still learning or an older incontinent dog...this product is for you. Keep the bed clean, and the couch free from gross hair, drool, and bacteria! 

Can I wash this blanket?

Yes! This blanket is entirely machine washable!