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As temperatures rise, you may be asking yourself what to do with your dog. It is too hot to take them outside to play for more than a few minutes.

Trying to stay inside in the air conditioning is a recipe for some bored pups and some stir crazy pup parents! Here are 5 water games to play with your dog this summer to keep them entertained and cool!

 Why Play Games With Water With Your Dog?

In hotter climates, playing water games may be the best option for summer fun. It will allow your dog to play for longer periods of time while staying cool. When the temperatures are high, it may be too much for you to be comfortable as well.

Some dogs don’t necessarily like to swim, but most dogs will find a water game they enjoy. These games do not always require your dog to submerge themselves entirely in water so weaker swimmers can still enjoy them whether your dog is enjoys chasing you around or retrieving sticks and balls, there is a water game for them! Of course, there are options for the swimmers as well!

Water games are an excellent way to tire your dog out. You don’t have to worry about your dog overheating if you play for a longer period of time. Also, swimming requires a lot of exertion from dogs so it will leave them tired and happy!

Water Games to Play With Your Dog This Summer

Just a plain old sprinkler is always a great option for summer fun. It can offer dogs who are less inclined to go for a swim the opportunity to play and enjoy the water. Sprinklers that move are a great option for dogs who enjoy a chase!

You can create a sprinkler agility course using multiple sprinklers and hoses. Put them throughout your yard. This is a great way for you to play with your dog and enjoy a water game as well! Run through the sprinklers yourself, and encourage your dog to join you!

You can play water tag using a toy water gun. Encourage your dog to chase after the stream. If they get too hot, you can use it to hose them down as well. This is a great option to make water games more portable! This game could be a fun way for you to get your friends or family into some water games as well!

A small pool is a great summer amenity for your pup. Using a small plastic pool can be nice for a good soak. You can also get your dog a pool made especially for them. These pools tend to be more durable than the kiddie pools. Depending on the size and energy level of your dog, it may be a better option. Make sure you select one that is big enough for your dog to lay incomfortably without their heads going underwater.

Pools are great for a soak but can be used for more interactive play as well. If your dog is hesitant to get in, try adding some of their favorite toys to the pool. Engage with them by splashing around.

Bobbing for treats is a fun game to get your dog comfortable putting their head under the water. There are toys made to enclose a treat inside of them. Make sure it’s a toy that will hold up to the water! You can have your dog bob for treats in their pool.

Using the hose to create a water game is another easy option. Most people have one readily available! You can mimic the movements of a sprinkler using the hose. You can spray your pup to cool them off. You can even multitask by using the hose for a “water game” while giving your dog a bath!

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Play at the beach or river! If you’re lucky enough to have a body of water near your home, you and your dog should take full advantage of it.

Playing fetch with your dog is a great game year-round. However, in the summer, the higher temperature may cut your game short. Switch your location to a riverbank or beach and play fetch in the water! This will not only tire your pup out double time, but it will also keep them nice and cool!

You can also take your dog for a swim. If they are willing to go into the water, they will likely enjoy a good swim. It is a great way to exercise for you both!

When introducing your dog to water, never force them in. Some dogs instinctively know how to swim, but some do not. Fetch is a great way to encourage them to get into the water without forcing them.

Make sure your dog is a strong enough swimmer to play in the water. You can always let them play fetch in the shallow areas where they can still touch. Also, keep an eye on tidal bodies of water. They can change quickly and currents can get too strong for your dog.

If you are unsure of your dog’s swimming capabilities (and even if you are) a life vest is always a safe choice. There are many options for size and styles made specifically for dogs to choose from. Many pet stores carry a variety that you can actually let your dog try on to make sure it fits properly! Cute and safe is a great way to be!

Keeping your pet entertained is a high priority for many dog owners. Finding ways to engage with them that are both fun and safe can be challenging. During hotter months it can be especially difficult to tire out your dog without overdoing it. Water games are an excellent way to get this engagement with your dog while they stay cool. It also offers a way for you to stay cool and enjoy summertime with your dog. If you are unsure what water game best suits your dog, you can try any of these. Whether your dog enjoys a casual swim, a game of chase, or fetch for hours, you can find a water game to play with your dog this summer right here!

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