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Some days you want nothing more than to just go straight to your comfortable bed and fall asleep, yet your furry friend has other ideas. If you're winding down for the night and your dog just doesn't seem ready to relax or they look anxious there may be a reason. A dog being restless at night and not sleeping can be a common problem that is easily fixed, let’s talk about how!

Why Your Dog Might Be Resltess

Poodle looking worried on a black love seat in a loft

There are many factors that might be at play but when a dog is restless and can't sleep there are a few reasons that seem to be more common than others. These include…

Not Enough Exercise

If you don't give your dog the exercise they need there could be many problems you face behaviorally throughout the years and one of these is being restless at night. Dogs need to get about in order to burn off energy, imagine drinking coffee then just lying around the house all day. Sure it sounds nice but you probably won’t sleep well.


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Just like humans, dogs can face anxiety due to various reasons and this can affect their sleep schedule making them bad at night. Anxiety in dogs can come from many things and it can be hard to notice. It can also lead to your dogs not acting like themselves sometimes suddenly. Is your dog restless at night not sleeping, because anxiety may be the reason?

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September 11, 2019

Is it normal to let your dog sleep with you? Well, the answer may surprise you! we will go over what you need to know about your dog sleeping with you and some of the arguments for both sides!


As dogs get older they can become increasingly restless at night, and the reason is pretty common. When a dog gets older they sometimes obtain pains including joint and muscle pain. This can make the normally comfortable act of sleeping hard due to the discomfort they are experiencing. It is important to try and help the quality of life for these older dogs that can’t help themselves.

How to get your dog to sleep peacefully at night

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Now you know a couple of reasons why your dog might be restless at night not sleeping so let’s look at how to fix these issues with some universal possible fixes.  


Like I said earlier dogs need the exercise to keep their energy down and their body's healthy. A good way to make sure your dog is calm for bedtime is a good exercise session. When I say this many people imagine running and are like no thanks, but it can be super easy things like fetch or a walk. If you have a calm dog they may only need a simple walk down the block to burn off the energy they have or if you have an excitable one a long play session in the back yard can help out a lot. If you believe your dog could benefit at night from a good play session do it! There is no harm and it will strengthen the bond between you and Fido.

Calming Aids

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Sometimes exercise just doesn't do the trick and isn't the right method for the cause. In these situations, it may be a better idea to use one of the many calming agents out there for dogs. When getting a supplement or anything to help with your dog's anxiety make sure to contact your vet to make sure it is right for your dog. Supplements like CBD oil or CBD infused coconut oil can be incredibly beneficial to your dog's health while still being an anxiety reducer that can help calm your dog. There are also things like anxiety blankets to make your dog feel like they are being held making them relax and fall asleep better. No matter what you get there should be products for dogs, as products for humans could be harmful to your furry friend

A Good Bed

Older dogs with pains and even younger dogs can benefit from a truly orthopedic dog bed. An orthopedic dog bed is made to relieve the pressures that come from dogs lying down that can be uncomfortable if your dog faces joint or muscle pains. Many dog beds are claiming to be memory foam or orthopedic but many aren't and can keep your dog staying restless at night. A true orthopedic bed can help reduce joint pain and prevent worsening to allow your dog old or young to keep getting the best sleep throughout their lifetime.

Check out or line of Orthopedic Dog Beds

BuddyRest was founded on the idea of supporting older dogs and based our first products on helping joint pains in dogs. We know dog sleep science and hope this blog helped you out.

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