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Dogs are a part of your family from the moment you walk through the front door with your furry child, this being said sometimes family members can drive you insane with their weird habits or loud snoring. In this blog i will cover 5 dog breeds that are known to snore and keep you up all night.

1 . The Pug

This breed is known for its “face only a mother could love” cuteness and are prone to some health problems, but let's face it you can't get much cuter than that weird smile. If you are looking to get a pug for your family be warned they are known to be snorers and also loud breathers in general, but if you can get over this they are sweeties that will be loving no matter what. 

2 . The Bulldog

The bulldog is a breed that is beefy and proud, they are great with children and are easy to fit into any lifestyle. With all these positives comes some negatives however, the Bulldog is known to snore loudly and often. This breed loves to nap in a comfy spot and when they do you'll know, they can sometimes sound like a train but will also be loyal no matter what.

3 . The Shih Tzu

Although this breed looks elegant and innocent they are known to not be. The Shih Tzu is a breed that is cute and small, something that a celebrity might have in a purse. However they have their not so cute qualities as well, the Shih Tzu is a loud snorer. Though their looks are perfect for a princess their sleeping mannerisms are far from proper.

4 . The French Bulldog

A smaller cousin to the Bulldog, the French Bulldog is a more compact version with better inner city qualities. The Frenchie is known to be a great apartment dog due to the ease of potty training and the non barking qualities. But even though these dogs don't bark as much they still are known to be noisy. The French Bulldogs are one of the dog breeds that are known to snore loudly.

5 .  The Boston Terrier

A breed that is known for its spunk and charm the Boston Terrier looks similar to the French Bulldog with their pointy ears, but stands out with its recognisable coloring. This breed is another excellent apartment dog however just like the Frenchie they are prone to loud snoring. Even though this breed snores they are a great addition to any family and will bring plenty of joy to the room.

Dogs, just like humans, snore loudly and can sometimes be do to breathing problems. If your dog starts snoring when they usually do not you may want to see your veterinarian about this. However some dogs are more likely to snore. Most culprits of dog snoring are short snouted breeds that have short breathing passages that lead to snoring. If you are the proud owner of a snorer you may want to have them sleep in a separate room but make sure they have proper sleep comfort while doing this.   

BuddyRest was founded on the idea of supporting older dogs and based our first products on helping joint pains in dogs. We know dog sleep science and hope this blog helped you out.

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