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Many people keep their dog in a dog crate while they are gone to work during the day. This helps with potty training, keeping the house from being destroyed and giving your dog a place to call their own. If your dog is going to spend any amount of time in a dog crate it is best to have a dog bed for the crate. This article is going to explain the importance of having an orthopedic bed for your dog's crate.

What is a dog crate bed?

A dog crate bed is just what it sounds like, a bed for your dog to sleep on while in their crate. This provides them with a soft place to lay down and sleep. The hard plastic of the bottom of the crates can cause unwanted problems with your dog. The soft plush dog crate bed will help prevent these problems from arising.

Do crates and kennels need a bed?

little dog in a kennel looking sad

Dog crates do not need a bed but are very nice for your dog to have. If your dog suffers from an orthopedic issue it is a great idea to put an orthopedic dog bed in the crate. This will help with any pain or other problems that hard dog crates can cause.

What problems can arise if you don't have an orthopedic crate bed?

two husky puppies lying on the tile floor

There are problems that may arise if you do not have a bed in the crate. If your dog has an orthopedic disease the dog beds in their crate will help decrease the side effect of these diseases.


Arthritis is a commonly seen disease in middle-aged to older dogs. Many dogs with arthritis have trouble move around. If your dog’s crate has an orthopedic dog bed in there, it will help decrease the pain from laying on the hard-plastic bottoms of the crate.

Sore muscles

Just like humans, if a dog lays on a hard surface for a long time their muscles will become sore. An orthopedic dog bed in their crate will help prevent their muscles from coming sore.


Hip Dysplasia is commonly seen in large breed dogs. Dogs with this disease will usually have trouble getting up and walking around. An orthopedic dog bed in their crate will help with them be able to get up and move around in their crate as well as decrease the pain from laying on a hard surface.


Many dogs will get anxious when their owner leaves them. Most people will put their dog in a crate during the day when they are at work to prevent them from being destructive in the house. A soft fluffy bed will act as a security blanket for your dog.

Pressure points

Just like old people, older dogs who sleep all the time can develop pressure sores. Sleeping in a hard-plastic crate can cause your dog to develop sores. A soft fluffy dog bed will help decrease the pressure sores in dogs. These beds will give your dog a nice comfy place to sleep.

How do you choose the best crate bed for your dog?

Beagle laying in an orthopedic dog bed

There are many different types of dog crate beds. There different levels of plushness and materials to choose from. Understanding your dog’s needs and get the best bed for that disease. If your dog suffers from arthritis, memory foam or orthopedic dog bed is best. If your dog has anxiety getting one that is a little plusher is best.


Dog beds can be made in many different fabrics. Some are very soft and fluffy while others are tough. If your dog is very hard on their toys and beds it is best to get a bed with a tough material to prevent it from being destroyed.

Memory foam

These beds are really good for older dogs with arthritis or other orthopedic issues. These beds give them a little more support when trying to stand and move around.


If your dog is outside or loves to play in the water a waterproof bed is a great idea. Puppies are another dog that would benefit from a waterproof bed if they are not house trained yet. This will help keep the bed cleaner and not smell like urine or wet dog.

Easy to clean

Look for a bed that is very easy to clean. If you have a small washer a bed with a removable cover would be best as some dog beds will not fit into your washer.



From $129.99

Heavy duty

Dogs who are known to destroy their toys and other beds will need a heavy-duty bed. They make beds out of tough material that is very hard to destroy. Getting a bed with one of this type of material covering the bed would be best for these dogs.



From $89.99

Other things that can help your dog in their crate

long haired dog laying on a dog crate bed

There are other things that you can do to make the crate a happy place for your dog.


Cannabidiol or CBD is a popular supplement give to dogs to help with pain and inflammation from arthritis. This can also help calm your anxious dog down while they are in their crate. CBD comes in many different forms. Treats, and oils are the most popular forms of CBD. While not all dogs like the oils the treats make for a tasty alternative.

Long-lasting chew

If your dog loves to chew on things, giving them a long-lasting chew stick for them to chew on while in their cage is a great idea. Many dogs love to chew and these treats will help entertain them while they are in their crate.

A good toy

All dogs love a good toy to play with. Most dogs have their favorite toy. If you will put their toy in their crate they can play with their toy while you are gone to work all day.

While dogs may spend time in their crate, getting them a nice orthopedic dog crate bed will help decrease problems from laying on a hard crate. These dog beds are a nice investment to get your furry friend. Make sure to measure the size of the crate and take your dog with you to pick out their bed. Orthopedic dog crate beds are great to help improve the life of your pet.

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