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Your dog’s comfort is important, and they should have a cozy spot in your home that they can go to and relax. By giving them a bed that truly supports them, you are aiding their health in a number of ways.

Your Dog Needs A Comfortable Place To Sleep

Just like in humans, a comfortable bed can make a world of difference in your pup’s daily life. Some reasons a proper bed is needed for a dog of any age include:

  • Older dogs: As dogs age, they can begin to experience some discomfort. Old dogs are at risk of developing arthritis, dysplasia, and a list of other conditions that can lead to aches and pains. Because of these factors, its extremely important to make sure that your pup has a bed that’s supporting them, and not leading to the exacerbation of their pain. Having a supportive bed in which they can recover each night, can make their next day easier.
  • Creating a safe place: Dogs are den creatures, meaning they love a comfortable area that they can nestle in and call their own. Having a cozy and safe place to retreat when they are overwhelmed, tired, or simply needing a place to relax can be great for their development.
  • Keeping them off the hard floor: Imagine having to sleep each night on the hard floor. You would undoubtedly experience discomfort, and wake up with pain the next day. Giving them a comfortable place to sleep aside from the floor can help to prevent pain and injury.
A tan pug sleeping on a bed under a pink comforter.

Every Dog Is Different

Each dog will have their own sets of requirements when it comes to choosing the perfect bed for them. Some factors that will affect your choice include:

  • Age: The older a dog is, the more support they will need from a bed. Old age is linked to several painful conditions of the bones and joints and will require more effort in terms of finding a supportive bed that fits their needs.
  • Breed: The larger the breed, the more supportive of a bed they will need. Larger dogs are more prone to aches and pains than small dogs, and their beds should reflect that.
  • Type of coat: The type of coat a dog has can play a huge role in deciding what bed to choose, as some breeds may need more warmth than others. Short coated dogs may need more plush beds for warmth, while longer coated dogs may appreciate cooling factors in a bed.
  • Lifestyle: While each dog would benefit from a plush and comfortable bed, considering their lifestyle is important when choosing a material. For example, dogs with medical conditions, dogs who live a very active life, and those with special circumstances that could cause more aches and pains would benefit from material made with extra support.

Best Bedding Material For Your Dog

All dog beds are not made alike. Some beds are made with a specific purpose in mind, and there is a material for every situation. Some common materials you will see in dogs beds include:

  • Memory foam: Memory foam is made with ideal comfort in mind. This material is best for dogs who require additional support, and those who suffer from conditions that can cause aches and pains. Whether your dog is simply aging, or they are suffering from a condition that causes daily discomfort, a memory foam bed will provide them with enough support to get the restful sleep that they deserve. 
  • Gel cooled beds: Gel cooled beds come in every form. They can be in thin beds or be an included layer in a thicker memory foam bed. This addition is made to cool your pup, and help prevent them from getting too warm in their sleep. This is a great option for dogs with thick fur, or dogs who live in a warm climate.
  • Covers & protective measures: There are beds made with every dog in mind, and this includes the pups that are prone to destruction. Just because a dog is known to tear up their property, doesn’t mean that they should miss out on the comfort of a good bed. Beds made with destruction protection include covers that are bite-proof, safety measures that hide each zipper and button, and removable covers that allow for easy washing.

Adjusting To A New Dog Bed

A white and brown, small terrier breed, sleeping on a white bed underneath the covers

When bringing a new dog bed into your home, there are a few things you should be aware of when your dog is first adjusting to their new sleeping area. Some things to consider are:

  • Location of the bed: When giving your dog a bed you would like them to sleep on, you need to make sure that it’s in an area that they are known to hang out in. If you are trying to get them to sleep on the bed, but it’s in an area of the house that they don’t frequent, they are less likely to get use out of it. Try putting the bed in areas that they love, and in areas that they can remain close to you.
  • The scent of the bed: New scents can be scary and can result in your dog avoiding their new comfy bed. First, make sure to wash the bed or its cover, so you can get rid of any scary store smells. Also, try putting blankets or toys on their new bed, in an effort to make it feel a bit more like their home. Familiar scents will make them more open to checking out their new sleeping space.
  • The right material for your environment: Make sure that the bed you choose is ideal for the environment in your home. If your home is kept warm, make sure your chosen bed is warm and plush. Your dog’s bed can play an important role in their lives. By educating yourself on the different options of dog beds, you can make sure that your pup is experiencing the comfort that they deserve!


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